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Beer name: Midnight Sun Envy Imperial Pilsner
Brewer: Midnight Sun Brewing Company (ID# 1155)
Style: Imperial Pilsener
ABV: 7%
Original Gravity: 0
Final Gravity: 0
IBU: 63
Beer Description:
Envy is the intense desire for others' traits, status, abilities or situation. Envy Imperial Pilsner obsessively desires to be better than the world’s most common lager. Envy vies for attention with its beautifully bright, golden color and tightly-formed crown. Intense yet true pilsner malt provides the perfect base for profuse citrus, floral and spicy hop flavor. Envy achieves distinction, making other beers turn green. Availability: AK - draft and 22-oz bottles (limited release begins 03/30/07)

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