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Beer name Harar Beer
Brewery name Harar Beer Factory (ID# 3554)
Style as Pale Lager
ABV as 4.25
Original Gravity as 0
Final Gravity as 0
IBU as 0
Described as Harar Brewery is located in the outskirts of the historic town of Harar in eastern Ethiopia. The brewery is well known for the popular taste of its beer and the diversity of its products. Harar Brewery is the only Ethiopian brewery that sales abroad.Most of the machinery and equipment in the brewery are from the Czech Republic. It occupies a total area of 103,407 m2. Land is available for future expansion. Genela spring, from which Harar beer is brewed, is within the factory's compound and supplementary water supply has been made available from the Finkile deep-well and Alemaya Pump Station.

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