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Beer name: Drakes Papa Denogginizer
Brewer: Drakes Brewing Company (ID# 1837)
Style: legacy style #13
ABV: 11%
Beer Description:
Papa Denogg is the result of what can happen when something goes completely wrong in a brewery. During the brewing of our much anticipated Denogginizer Imperial IPA we ended up with what is known as a “stuck mash”. A stuck mash is when wort will not flow in to the kettle so the brew can receive its hop additions. As a result the brew boils for a long time and the brewer, after trying every feasible way to get wort into the kettle, pulls all the hair out of their head. Once the brewer is totally bald, it is time to give up. We decided to just boil what we had in the kettle and hop it with different hops, hops we don’t normally use. What we ended up with is a beer that is even bigger in alcohol then the Denogginizer (hence the name). And keeping up with the Drakes tradition of adding way too many hops, it is extremely hoppy. What style is it you ask, who knows, just enjoy it, as we will NOT be making it again (well, hopefully not).