Brewery description edited from Null to Live Oak Brewing Company is truly a home-grown Austin enterprise. Two of Austin's own homebrews, Chip McElroy and Brian Peters, literally hand-built their own brewery and remain today the two main employees - brewers, keg washers, delivery persons, and proselytizers. The two self-professed beer geeks are passionate about providing delicious old-world style beers that are rarely commercially available. Their special beers are brewed in limited quantities in a small east Austin brewery and are available only in Austin. Live Oak employs an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America today but practiced extensively throughout Germany and the Czech Republic. A decoction mash, open fermentation, and secondary lagering are essential to duplicate the rich maltiness and unique flavors of central European beers. The results are yours to enjoy.


Brewery name: Live Oak Brewing Company
Address: 3301-B East Fifth St.
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip: 78702
Country: USA
Phone Number: 512-385-2299
Brewery Description:
No description given