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#36 Review by cyrenaica from Milton, Ontario, Canada
Score: 3.7 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 9 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
1 litre draught
5.1% ABV
Bar Hop Brewco (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
September 20, 2019
$22.00 (includes the price of the 1 litre Hofbrauhaus stein)
The beer pours a translucent orange-hued gold with a frothy white head that lasts over an hour. The aroma is grainy malt, light yeast, a definite noble hop nose, and a hint of honey. The mouthfeel was medium-bodied, average carbonation, and matches the textbook definition for 'crisp'. The flavour is certainly malt forward, heavy on the grains, slightly sweet, and with a mild bitter finish. An easy drinking Helles to open the Oktoberfest season.

9/20/2019 9:38:27 PM |
#35 Review by Cybercat from Atlanta, GA, United States
Score: 3.2 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
Pours clear topaz with a thick and frothy porcelain head. Aroma offers crisp malty, apple, and subtle hoppy notes. Flavor nicely echoes the aroma while upping the apple component and adding some honey sweetness. Mouthfeel yields smooth body and jazzy fizz. Refreshing, drinkable, enjoyable.
4/26/2019 11:40:06 PM |
#34 Review by jerrymorrison from Angleton, TX, United States
Score: 3.4 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
Pours a golden body with super clarity, foamy white head dissipates fairly quickly. Aromas of light grain, noble hop, grass, touch of skunk and hints of yeast. Flavors start with the light toasted grain, biscuit, spicy & grassy noble hop, yeast. It has a lighter body, very clean and crisp finish Overall a decent representation of the style, easy to drink..
10/25/2014 11:47:40 AM |
#33 Review by PaleAleRider from Winchester, Ontario, Canada
Score: 3.3 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
Pours a small frothy head and has a clear yellowish/pale golden appearance. Fairly weak lacing. Aromas of light yeasty notes, wheats, mild grains and bready malts. Flavours are malty and a bit of hops in there, mainly herbal and floral hops. Very light citrus hops as well as yeast and grainy malts. Smooth and mild creamy mouthfeel. Not bad, was expecting a but more from Hofbrau. Still a pretty smooth and easy going down kinda brew.
7/1/2014 12:32:12 PM |
#32 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 3.1 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 7 |
Half-litre brown bottle from the LCBO with a best before date: 05.12.2014. Pours a clean yellow colour with a white cap, average stay and some dirty lacing. Mild grassy hop aromas over light grainy malt. The taste is close, with the sweet malt over the grass this time. A decent Pilsner-style lager that goes down easy, refreshing, and is above average as not too sweet overall.
3/14/2014 10:01:50 PM |
#31 Review by vipinvelp from Velp, Netherlands
Score: 3 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
Very clear golden yellow with white foam head. Aroma is typical German beer, so is taste, nothing special, but great when you are thirsty. Short bittersweet aftertaste. (Baku 201211)
11/28/2012 12:10:20 PM |
#30 Review by richsbeer from Circleville, OH, United States
Score: 3.5 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 7 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
pours very light, clear color with small head which quickly disappears leaving slight lacing on the glass. The aroma is very typical pilsener / lager smell of light grain with some musty or sulfur aroma. The taste has more flavor than anticipated with strong grain/bread flavors and very subtle hops in the background. The mouthfeel has nice carbonation.
5/27/2012 3:20:46 PM |
#29 Review by shrews824 from Leitchfield, KY, United States
Score: 2.9 | Aroma 5 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 5 | Overall 8 |
Very clear, pale yellow, straw color with a super white, soapy head. Several bubbles coming up from the bottom. Looks similar to a macro lager or pilsner, but with a better head and retention. Decent lacing. Getting a very clean smelling grass or gain aroma. Only slightly hoppy in the nose. Nothing offensive, but nothing outstanding. Picking up the faintest hint of butter or dough. Not detecting a whole lot with the taste. Maybe a bit of grain with a hint of the alcohol bite at the very end. Minute bitterness and only a tad sour. Thin mouthfeel. Slight bit watery. Does have a crisp finish and is somewhat refreshing. I really thought this brew would have more "kick" or "bite". It's not a bad beer by any means. It's very drinkable and is still better than any macro, but I was just expecting more. Would pair nice with a real hot spring or summer day however.
11/10/2010 3:19:53 PM |
#28 Review by slowrunner77 from Reno, NV, United States
Score: 3.3 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 7 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
malt, lemon, and a little bready cereal in the flavor. a crisp refreshing beer, although it pales in comparison to their dunkel. not bad, though. i'd get again.
2/12/2009 1:46:23 PM |
#27 Review by HonkeyMoFo from Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Score: 3.1 | Aroma 5 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 8 | Overall 6 |
Pours a crisp golden with thin white head and little lace. Aroma of malts, hops, light lemon, and light spice. The mouthfeel is smooth, rich, and full-bodied. Flavors of barley, hops, and light citrus, bitter, and mild spice. Very bold and tasty! Amazingly sticking to basic ingredients.
8/18/2008 2:39:49 AM |
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