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#2 Review by cyrenaica from Milton, Ontario, Canada
Score: 2.8 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 5 | Overall 5 |
473ml can
4.30% ABV
Canned On: February 15, 2019
LCBO Outlet #457 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Yonge / Eglinton)
September 8, 2019
The beer pours a translucent metallic gold colour with a half inch bubbly white film for a head that quickly becomes a white ring. The aroma is funky yeast, grains, and then some fruity notes, but can’t tell if they’re grapes or not. The mouthfeel is medium bodied with average carbonation. The flavour is dominated by the funk in the yeast and grains. Not a lot of flavour from the hops (spices/bitterness) in this one.

9/8/2019 12:48:24 PM |
#1 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 2.9 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 5 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
Now under Chardonnay Summer Ale. Pours a slight hazy, golden colour with a light amber hue. The white head is bubbly and fizzes away quickly, leaving no lacing. Belgian Ale yeast nose at first with spicy hops and some mild Chardonnay sweetness over the malts. The cereal grains come out first in the taste, and mostly yeast continues over this. Some hints of spices in the background. Nothing really awesome, as yeast is not very well-balanced with other goods.
7/10/2019 7:54:46 PM |

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