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#2 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 3.7 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 7 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 8 | Overall 8 |
Thanks to PaleAleRider for bringing this one back from Sawdust (b-day gift). Pours a hazy golden-amber colour with a warm cap that leaves some light creamy lacing. The Brett is noticeable in the nose at first with the funky-earthy notes. Then some fruity malts appear. The Brett is less apparent in the taste with the fruity malts taking over. Orange hints and warming alcohol. Some nice hops balance the finish with a slight dryness. All very well-blended, smooth Belgian Tripel with Brett.
6/29/2018 1:16:36 AM |
#1 Review by PaleAleRider from Winchester, Ontario, Canada
Score: 3.8 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 8 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 8 | Overall 8 |
On tap at Level One. Pours very minimal frothy white head and has a pale golden appearance. Decent sticky lacing. Aromas of yeast, wheat, fruity notes. Flavours are fruity, fairly yeasty, some notes of wheats, doughy, subtle hints of caramel malt. The Brett is noticeable, with some funky notes. Medium bodied. Great retention. Pretty darn good!
7/9/2017 3:39:00 PM |

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