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#1 Review by Cybercat from Atlanta, GA, United States
Score: 5 | Aroma 10 | Appearance 10 | Mouthfeel 10 | Flavor 10 | Overall 10 |
Pours an absolutely scrumptious warm sable with a thick, fine-bubbled tan head that leaves plenty of lacing. Strong, smoky aroma has chocolate, coffee and molasses notes plus more than a hint of orange and a bit of brandy-like nip - no doubt from the Grand Marnier. Flavor is superb - all the roast coffee, chocolate, molasses and orange notes of the aroma, more of a brandy-ish nip, and a woody hint. Full texture has plenty of fizz and leaves a lasting smoky, mocha, slightly orangy finish. I know that you're not supposed to hand out that many perfect ratings - but this one truly is a Bo Derek among beers.
6/11/2012 9:26:37 PM |

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