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#4 Review by E from Spring Mountain, PA, United States
Score: 4.1 | Aroma 8 | Appearance 8 | Mouthfeel 8 | Flavor 8 | Overall 9 |
Poured a hazy, reddish amber color with a small, light tan head that quickly diminished, leaving spotty, sticky, lacing on the glass. Aroma of vanilla oak, bourbon, caramel malts, honey and sharp alcohol as well. Taste of nuts, more caramel malts, vanilla, charred wood and a fair amount of alcohol in the finish.
6/2/2006 7:33:37 AM |
#3 Review by JohnC from Mission Viejo, CA, United States
Score: 3.2 | Aroma 5 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
A nipper bottle bought at Hollingshead. Murky brown color with a minimal head, the nose and flavor are basically bourbon. this is a whiskey beer and a bit one dimensional
5/13/2006 7:54:14 PM |
#2 Review by Stoutlover72 from Northern, California, United States
Score: 4.3 | Aroma 9 | Appearance 10 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 8 | Overall 9 |
Another incredible beer by some awesome brewers. An aroma that is about as complex as it's taste. Caramel, some alcohol, vanilla, maple and bourbon round it out nicely. No head to speak and little carbonation. Taste is rasins, plums, figs, oak, whisky and some maple. It's pretty hot in the mouth and will definitely age incredibly well in the right conditions. Well done.
3/17/2006 11:53:08 PM |
#1 Review by beerguy101 from Newark, CA, United States
Score: 3.8 | Aroma 8 | Appearance 8 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 8 | Overall 8 |
This Strong Lager pours a deep reddish amber color from a 6oz bottle. Small sized white foamy head. Aroma is caramel, bourbon and vanilla, with a hint of alcohol. A medium bodied Strong Lager. Malts are caramel and sweet, lots of bourbon and oak. Lots of dark fruit flavors as well. Sweet and smooth tasting. Starts malty sweet with a fruity and bourbon middle and a fairly prominent alcohol finish. I think some more bottle aging will smooth this one out a lot. Nice beer. Mouthfeel is full. Finish is clean and smooth. Finish is clean and smooth. Aftertaste is a touch of alcohol.
2/2/2006 10:29:57 PM |

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