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#10 Review by oh6gdx from Vaasa, Finland
Score: 1.5 | Aroma 3 | Appearance 3 | Mouthfeel 3 | Flavor 3 | Overall 3 |
Bottled (4.5 % ABV, from Sweden). Golden colour, small white head. Aroma is grains, mild metallicness as well as some rubbery notes. Flavour is grains, mild malts, some starch and mild metallic notes as well.
6/13/2011 3:31:12 AM |
#9 Review by cheapdark from Monacatootha, PA, United States
Score: 2.1 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 3 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 4 | Overall 4 |
OK, lets go to spain. I didn’t know spain had so many beers imported into pennsylvania. 12 oz brown bottle, oops I mean 11 oz (rip off!). Poured a hazy brown, light orange, yellow in my steeler stein (130000). Smells like it may have lots of alky in it, sort of strong ale-ish. It sure smells stronger than the rating on this site. The haze clears after a few minutes. The initial taste also seems to indicate there is more alky in there than what is stated. The flavor is a bit industrial or unrefined. Turns into a bitter bite after an average flavor start. Nice beginning impression that fades into an ungentle continuing plateau. Finish hangs for a while. OK beer, worth a try. S3L2F3T4O8
12/26/2008 1:45:09 PM |
#8 Review by Phishpond417 from Oregon, United States
Score: 2.6 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 5 | Flavor 5 | Overall 5 |
Hoping to find a few good beers from spain, this one sucked. Pours a vibrant golden with a large white head. Aroma is a bit corny, and light in fruit- pear in particular. Taste is watered down and grainy.
4/24/2007 5:14:30 PM |
#7 Review by myke from T-dot, Canada
Score: 2.1 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 2 | Mouthfeel 8 | Flavor 2 | Overall 2 |
My first beer from Spain. The appearance is really only a 6.2, and that's because of the nice head, which was rather surprising. The taste starts out typical garin lager, then gets malty sweet. Reminds me of a dummed down Red Stripe. Having said that, the mouthfeel was surprisingly full for a macro.
4/21/2006 12:18:14 AM |
#6 Review by beerguy101 from Newark, CA, United States
Score: 2.7 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 5 | Overall 5 |
This pale lager pours an orange gold color from a 330ml bottle. A medium sized white foamy head. Aroma is grainy and grassy. A medium bodied pale lager. Malts are grainy and really sweet. Hops are slightly spicy. It’s a little crisp and sharp tasting. Drinkable, but a touch too sweet and artificial tasting and not very interesting. It is much better than your average Euro-lager. Guess I can add Spain to my country list now. Mouthfeel is full. Finish is clean and crisp. Aftertaste is slightly bitter and a touch harsh.
12/23/2005 10:05:54 PM |
#5 Review by jonmoore from United Kingdom
Score: 3.1 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
Bottle. Golden colour with a slim bubbly white head. Sweet malts and a pretty intense whiff of some fruit or other, possibly apple. Sweet and malty taste with some grassy hops and a touch of spice. Light bodied but not thin. Better than I was expecting.
11/8/2005 4:40:49 PM |
#4 Review by Bov from Bienne, Switzerland
Score: 3.3 | Aroma 10 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
transparent golden coloura and a fine head; decent hoppy aroma, the mouthfeel is creamy with a low bitterness followed by a slightly dry finish - a very typical standard lager
10/16/2005 4:07:24 PM |
#3 Review by EyeChartBrew from CA, Liechtenstein
Score: 1.7 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 3 | Mouthfeel 3 | Flavor 3 | Overall 2 |
If I were to write a "Cliff Notes" version of my Beer Review, I would simply say "You know what? This kinda sucks". But that's not very constructive, now is it?

So here's the rest of my review, for better and (mostly) worse.

Looks ok, I suppose. Kinda honey-yellowish. Basic head of foam. Adequate carbonation.

But the aroma? Ugh. Sweet and medicinal -- reminds me of when I was a kid, and Grandma would mix sugar with cough syrup, in order to somehow make it more palatable. Despite Mary Poppins' sugar-sweet asseretation to the contrary, this trick did nothing but repulse me that much more. So when I come across a beer that seems to replicate this, how do you think I would rate this, eh?

Unfortunately, the flavor profile follows suite. Sweet, oily, sickly. Hard to tell if this is either medicine or beer, IMHO. >Yuk<...

A fairly lousy beer -- and my third from Spain in as many weeks. And the worst of the three, by far. A sickly sweet, medicinal, unpalatable mess of a beer. Down the drain you go, senior...

7/26/2005 9:35:26 PM |
#2 Review by eaglefan538 from DE, United States
Score: 1.9 | Aroma 3 | Appearance 4 | Mouthfeel 4 | Flavor 4 | Overall 4 |
Ok, this one wasn't all that impressive. There was carbonation to the mouthfeel. The aorma was somewhat corn-like. The flavor was sweet corn and who knows what. The bitterness was the only true beerlike flavor that came out and hid the whatever it was. Blah.
7/21/2005 10:45:37 PM |
#1 Review by jde123 from Philadelphia, PA, United States
Score: 2.1 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 4 | Mouthfeel 5 | Flavor 4 | Overall 4 |
Pours with a giant head, but absolutely no bubbles, "Where did the head come from?" one might ask. The answer is all the bubble went into the formation of the head. The explosion wrought by the opening of the bottle tore a whole in the space-time continuum, that's where the bubbles went. No one knows for sure, but one thing is certain, this beer doesn't smell good. The taste is wooden and unconvincing, who knew such a product could come out of Spain's fantastic brewing traditions?
5/12/2004 10:41:14 PM |

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