Members with the Most Beer Reviews
#MemberReviewsCity/StateCountryDate Joined
1   oh6gdx 8392VaasaFinland10/13/2005
2   Cybercat 7826Atlanta, GAUnited States8/26/2007
3   slowrunner77 5682Reno, NVUnited States11/7/2008
4   beerguy101 5022Newark, CAUnited States11/18/2002
5   Chopz 4551CantleyCanada11/10/2002
6   Suds McDuff 3781Suds City, AleTown, TXUnited States12/5/2004
7   Sigmund 3660TauNorway3/17/2003
8   Phishpond417 3045OregonUnited States4/13/2007
9   RJA 2975Palm Springs, FLUnited States1/12/2008
10   ante 2674StockholmSweden5/21/2006
11   Clash 2576Chattanooga, TNUnited States4/18/2003
12   bluesandbarbq 2567Oak Ridge, TNUnited States4/24/2007
13   Phil B 2479GatineauCanada3/8/2005
14   kinger 2328North Canton, oHIoUnited States11/30/2005
15   Stoutlover72 2327Northern, CaliforniaUnited States6/16/2005
16   eaglefan538 2299DEUnited States3/20/2005
17   E 2218Spring Mountain, PAUnited States5/20/2003
18   Vac 2186San Diego, CaliforniaUnited States6/13/2003
19   jerrymorrison 2130Angleton, TXUnited States9/14/2005
20   aracauna 2100Adairsville, GAUnited States1/14/2006
21   lenusik 2066Montreal (Verdun)Canada6/20/2007
22   vipinvelp 2001VelpNetherlands3/23/2012
23   PaleAleRider 1958WinchesterCanada6/3/2012
24   cyrenaica 1843MiltonCanada6/16/2007
25   Jne5HusG 1814UnterleinleiterGermany2/5/2009

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