Breweries Most Recently Added to the Database
#BreweryCityCountryCategoryAdded By
1   30 Mile Brewing CompanyOld SaybrookUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
2   Secret Cove Brewing CompanyPort Au PortCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
3   Bolero Snort BreweryCarlstadtUnited StatesBreweryCybercat
4   Bavarian Brothers BrewingShepherdstownUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
5   Boston Mountain Brewing CompanyFayettevilleUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
6   Brewing Projekt, TheEau ClaireUnited StatesBreweryCybercat
7   BarrieHaus Beer CompanyTampaUnited StatesBreweryMissSipless
8   All Stars BakeryConcordCanadaBreweryMartin Sanders
9   Orange Hat Brewing CompanyKnoxvilleUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
10   River Bluff Brewing CompanySaint JosephUnited StatesBreweryMissSipless
11   14 Cannons Brewing CompanyWestlake VillageUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
12   Halfway CrooksAtlantaUnited StatesBreweryCybercat
13   Paniza Brewing CompanyTorontoCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
14   Beale Street Brewing CompanyMemphisUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
15   Housatonic River BrwewingNew MilfordUnited StatesBreweryhantran
16   Painted Boat Beer CompanyStellartonCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
17   Ol' Biddy's Brew HouseLower SackvilleCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
18   Georgia Beer CompanyValdostaUnited StatesBreweryCybercat
19   Marto Brewing CompanySioux CityUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
20   Artifact BrewingHatboroUnited StatesBreweryOlena Mironychev
21   19-81 Brewing CompanyGeorge TownCayman IslandsBreweryOlena Mironychev
22   Hill Top Hops' BrewhouseBrooklynCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
23   Bent Nail BreweryWindsor ForksCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
24   9zero2 Brewing CompanyArisaigCanadaBrewerycyrenaica
25   Your Father's Moustache Pub and EateryHalifaxCanadaBrewerycyrenaica

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