Most Reviewed Breweries
#BreweryReviewsOriginTotal BeersAvg Rating
1   Samuel Smith Old Brewery 924United Kingdom223.76%
2   F. X. Matt Brewing Company 901United States863.195%
3   Flying Dog Brewery 848United States373.451%
4   Youngs & Co. Brewery 537United Kingdom333.746%
5   Bear Republic Brewing Company 415United States743.921%
6   Mendocino Brewing Company 406United States303.339%
7   Brouwerij Lindemans 394Belgium143.702%
8   Lakefront Brewery, Inc. 349United States383.289%
9   Pyramid Breweries Inc. 347United States443.326%
10   Stoudts Brewing Company 345United States333.589%
11   Scottish & Newcastle 315United Kingdom163.431%
12   Sprecher Brewing Company, Inc. 293United States373.481%
13   St. Peters Brewery Co. Ltd. 281United Kingdom263.478%
14   Capital Brewery 277United States423.484%
15   Tyranena Brewing Company, LLC 277United States363.638%
16   De Dolle Brouwers 276Belgium143.96%
17   Williams Brothers (Heather Ales) 272United Kingdom293.429%
18   MacTarnahan's Brewing Company 270United States583.35%
19   Tommyknocker Brewery and Pub 259United States223.167%
20   Coopers Brewery 257Australia183.319%
21   Moylan's Brewery 252United States413.61%
22   Titletown Brewing Company 243United States1383.692%
23   Fort Collins Brewery 242United States533.465%
24   Sly Fox Brewing Company 241United States723.615%
25   Petes Wicked Brewing Company 236United States133.095%

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