Replying to "Do you favor a particular brewery?"

As a Beer Enthusiast, I like many brews from both the macro & micro categories. Or to put it another way, maybe BigBizBeer vs Craft? :)

Founders is my favorite! Not the BEST economy price point, but for the quality it's VERY GOOD. ;)

Overall, the only mediocre product of theirs (imo) is All Day IPA. Drinkable, :(

Admittedly, this area is limited in Founders availability. Recommended ones that I've never seen are Backwoods Bastard and the classic KBS (or whatever they are calling it now).

My favorites are Dirty Bastard, Centennial Ale, and Green Zebra. :) :) :)

A few others are also around from time to time. I guess I've drank them all, and no complaints. ;)

So then BeerPal Regulars (or Visitors) to comment on the breweries that YOU LIKE THE BEST ??? :D :D :D

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