Replying to "Test the new site"

Check out the above link to the new BeerPal. It needs a few more months of work, but the basics are there. You should be able to log in with your current password and email address.

The forums don't work yet. You can read some old stuff, but can't post. Beer reviewing, adding beers, viewing profiles, all work. The "beeributes" feature needs to get redone, but kind of works. Photo uploads should be working better than they do on this site. Most of the ones in there now are junk that I will delete. However, feel free to upload real ones and they'll stay for good.

The database on this one is totally different from the current BeerPal and includes mostly a copy from a couple months ago. You can play around with everything and not worry about messing things up because I'll do one final data transfer when it goes live.

Everything in the new site was completely redesigned. Pages, on average, load slightly slower than they can on the current site, but they should be very consistent regardless of traffic, and still a fraction of a second.

The private messages and chat rooms are live, but still full of bugs. The chat room messages get deleted after about an hour and aren't saved. Try it out using the blue bar at the bottom of every page.

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