Replying to "Beer Madness 2013"
"The [Washington] Post's seventh annual beer tourney, built on a March Madness-like basketball bracket, pits 32 regional brews in head-to-head match-ups based on styles."

As in the past two years, Greg Engert's style guide serves as the means for sorting the beers into "regions" like hop, fruit & spice, crisp, and roast.

It's awesome that there are enough local brewers in the National Capitol Region that the Post can fill the 32-beer field with locally brewed contenders!

A panel of Post readers and Washington food-beverage experts judged the rounds in two separate sessions.

The Post has been reporting on the round-by-round results on Wednesdays. You can vote for your favorites in each match-up and then see how well you did when the panel's blind-tasting votes are published.

Public voting is open for the Elite Eight until the results are published on April 10th. The Final Four will be announced on the 17th. The winner will be divulged April 24.

So visit the link and check out the offerings! Who do you think should win out? My money's on Face Plant IPA.

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