Replying to "beer event attendees"
Taking a cue from Joe Hellers what kind of fan are you, what kinds of brewfest attendees are there? After pouring beer from the homebrews here (the green bay rackers) I remember a few...

A little more beer please weasels (those that want more than 3oz, and are alluding to the fact that attending a rackers meeting might be a new source of free beer)

The distributor...

The "I'm shocked you're not a distributor..."

"What have you got thats not too weird."

"what have you got thats a little different."

Hop Heads

Stout heads

Brought their own cup.

Brought their own flask.

The swag collector

The all swagged out from the last fest.

The leary of what this is all really about.

The obviously thought this was an art gallery opening.

The trickle over from the wedding or the cosplay event next door.

The complainer (Can you believe they charged us this amount to get in here (and yet there you are))

The one who comes back five or six times.

The convincer "You really got try this one."

The skeptic (rolls their eyes when the convincer hands them their sample)

The giggler.

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