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It's Going To Be Epic! Stone Vertical Epic Tasting
December 12, 2012

We’re commemorating Stone Brewing Co.’s 11 year endeavor brewing the Vertical Epic Ales! Join us on Wednesday December 12th at the Winking Lizard Party Center in Bedford Hts from 7:30pm to 10pm for a beer tasting of Vertical Epic proportions! You’ll get a 4oz sample of each Vertical Epic beer from 03.03.03 through 12.12.12 and the price includes a Stone VE sampling glass to keep and small appetizer buffet.

Looking forward to this event.
All of the beers will be served from properly stored kegs from what I heard. Unfortunately 02.02.02 was never registered with the state of oHIo since it was above our ABV limit back then.
We had a handful of the bottles at a tasting last year with mixed results, but I couldn't resist a chance to attend this.
Anybody else have a local event promoting the Vertical Epic series?

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