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LAKESIDE Lager ITHACA Beer Co. (view this beer)
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Posted May 20 2020 at 2:55:17 PM   |
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Once in a long while, it happens like this. :)

Grabbed a pack without looking at the price...oh, a Lager, what the hey, might as well, OK.

It's a $4.99 bt&d eight pack of 16 oz cans. Cheaper than Budweiser's same packaging... ;D

And, Ithaca Beer Co. is NOT a Big Macro Brewery! :o

Now it's grabbed my interest after my purchase. Taste first, then check the ratings!

Yes. I will buy it again. And at this price, maybe again and again. They said it very well; I don't need to add anything review-wise.

Few reviews at BA. Is Lakeside Lager a new product ???

Contains the equivalent of 10+ beers...and I'll give it a ****+ rating.

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Posted May 25 2020 at 1:23:05 PM   |

Happy Memorial Day!

We are in Stage One Re-Opening, in CNY. Some think it's too much too soon, but Gov. Cuomo is pleased with NY's compliance thus far. Hope we don't "spike"...

The BA declared Lakeside Lager retired, just a couple days ago. Or maybe I didn't notice at first? Went to the same store that had it longer in the cooler. :(

But Hey! The store that had Green Zebra sold out to another chain, and they don't stock it. The store that had Lakeside Lager DOES have Green Zebra now. :)

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