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Firestone Walker 15th Anniversary Party
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Posted Nov 07 2011 at 5:33:52 PM   |
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As my consolation prize for not being able to get a few days in TN for Lousapalooza, the wife and I went to Paso Robles, CA for for this event, and I gotta say...well done Firestone!
Though of course we spent money on travel, gas, etc...the party itself cost virtualy nothing - I bought a little swag (done, in their words, as an appreciation to their loyalists). Admission was buying three bottles per person of 15 (for retail, which everyone in line would have gladly done anyway), and for that you got to take home a FW snifter (which I was going to pay cash for til we found out they were free), an amazing run of rare and more importantly, delicious FW brews (the components of 15 and a few extras for good measure) and free food, including several delicious appetizers or desserts that paired well with certain beers, and BBQ tri-tip. For free. That's how it's done!!

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Posted Nov 07 2011 at 7:36:17 PM   |

Good call slowrunner!

Sounds like you had a perfectly great time with lots of great beers too.[:D]

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