Cascade Brewing, Raccoon Lodge & Brew Pub
7424 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, OR 97225
United States
Phone: 503-296-0110
Established: 1998
Official site:
Facebook: /RaccoonLodge
Last updated: 12/19/2010 1:44:27 AM
This address is a Brewpub - A beer company that brews beer on site and offers a full food menu like a restaurant.
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Cascade Brewing Company was established in 1998 by Art Larrance, who has been involved in Oregon's craft beer industry since its inception. Art co-founded one of the state's first microbreweries, Portland Brewing, as well as the Oregon Brewers Festival, which today is one of the world's preeminent craft beer festivals.

Cascade Brewmaster Ron Gansberg got his start in the Northwest wine industry. He crossed over in 1986 and began an ei...
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Cascade / Upland Brewing Pearpawsterous  Wild Ale 7.1%
Cascade 12 Step IPA  IPA 3.1751
Cascade 80 Shilling Scottish Sour  Scottish Ale 8.88%2.9251
Cascade Alt Haus Rauch  Smoked Ale 5.7%3.21
Cascade Apple Pie  Wild Ale 7.15%3.2751
Cascade Apple Tart  Wild Ale 7%3.2751
Cascade Apricot Ale  Fruit Lambic 9%3.6714
Cascade Autumn IPA  IPA 3.0251
Cascade Barrel Aged Stagger Lee Stout (Soured)  Wild Ale 6%3.251
Cascade Beck Berry  Wild Ale 8%3.251
Cascade Black Cap Raspberry  Wild Ale 6.55%3.31
Cascade Black Sheep Stout  Stout 5.14%3.151
Cascade Blackberry Ale  Flanders Red 5.4%3.1251
Cascade Blauw Van Der Jon Berry  Fruit Beer 8%3.251
Cascade Blueberry  Wild Ale 7.33%3.42
Cascade Bourbon Belgium Quad  Abbey Quadrupel 8.5%3.31
Cascade Bourbonic Plague  Wild Ale 12.1%3.6226
Cascade Busta Nut Brown  Brown Ale 7.5%3.1751
Cascade Celtic Copper  Irish Ale 5.2%3.0751
Cascade Cerise Nouveau  Wild Ale 8.12%3.351
Cascade Cherry Bain De Brugge  Fruit Beer 7.5%3.2751
Cascade Cherry Bourbonic Plague  Wild Ale 10.2%3.31
Cascade Chocolate Stout  Chocolate Stout 5.6%3.2251
Cascade Colonial IPA  IPA 6.8%3.151
Cascade Cuvée du Jongleur  Wild Ale 8.41%3.453
Cascade Dark Day IPA  American Black Ale 6.5%3.382
Cascade Defroster  English Strong Ale 6.9%3.1751
Cascade Diesel  Imperial Stout 10%3.582
Cascade Elderberry  Wild Ale 3.482
Cascade Figaro  Wild Ale 10%3.3251
Cascade Framblanc  Wild Ale 7.6%3.0751
Cascade Franken'ly Berry  Wild Ale 8%3.3251
Cascade Frostkiller  Strong Ale 8.75%3.251
Cascade Full Figured Porter  Porter 6.8%3.251
Cascade Glueh Kriek  Fruit Beer 7%3.522
Cascade Golden Berry  Fruit Beer 8.3%3.2751
Cascade Helga the Hammered  Strong Ale 8.8%3.1251
Cascade Honey Ginger Lime  Wild Ale 7.5%3.3251
Cascade Honey Rye Ginger  Wild Ale 7.9%3.31
Cascade Honeyed Combs  Wild Ale 7.25%3.251
Cascade India Pale Ale  IPA 5.8%3.11
Cascade Kriek Ale  Flanders Red 7.3%3.7368
Cascade Kriek Blend with Bourbon  Wild Ale 9.5%3.31
Cascade Manhattan NW  Abbey Quadrupel 10.3%3.3833
Cascade Melonius Blond  Blonde Ale 6.8%
Cascade Midnight Bramble  American Wheat 6.6%
Cascade Mouton Rouge  Flanders Red 7.5%3.522
Cascade Nightfall  Wild Ale 8%3.3751
Cascade Noyaux  Wild Ale 8.94%3.6434
Cascade Oblique Coffee Blond  Blonde Ale 5.9%3.3251
Cascade Old Salt India Pale Ale  IPA 5.8%3.2251
Cascade Oude Rouge  Flanders Red 7.5%3.3251
Cascade Pale  English Pale Ale 5%3.1751
Cascade Pay Czech Pils IPA  Imperial Pilsener 7.5%3.2751
Cascade Porter  Porter 6%3.0251
Cascade Raspberry Infused Triple  Fruit Beer 7.5%3.21
Cascade Red Eye Rye  Rye Beer 3.051
Cascade Rose City Sour  Wild Ale 7%3.1751
Cascade Rum Cointreau  Wild Ale 12.15%3.2751
Cascade Saison de la Maison  Saison 6.6%3.31
Cascade Saison Fume  Saison 3.082
Cascade Saison Minuit  Saison 6.7%3.142
Cascade Sang du Chêne  Belgian Strong Ale 9.6%3.151
Cascade Sang Noir  Fruit Beer 9.5%3.6163
Cascade Sang Rouge  Flanders Red 8%3.351
Cascade Sang Royale  Flanders Red 8.87%3.8336
Cascade Scarlet Fever  Imperial IPA 7.8%3.1251
Cascade Spiced Amber  Spiced Beer 6.2%3.0251
Cascade Strawberry  Wild Ale 7.1%3.442
Cascade Summer Gose  Gose 5.6%3.2751
Cascade Test Flight IPA  IPA 5.7%3.051
Cascade The Barrel That Shall Not Be Named  Wild Ale 8%3.0751
Cascade The Vine  Fruit Lambic 8.33%3.4676
Cascade Vitis Noble  Wild Ale 9.1%3.1751
Cascade Vlad the Imp Aler  Belgian Strong Ale 10.3%3.777
Cascade Wee Ane  Scottish Ale 4.75%3.051
Cascade Winter Gose  Gose 6%3.4163
Raccoon Lodge Badger Blond Bock  Bock 6.2%2.8251
Raccoon Lodge Black Snout Stout  Stout 4.5%
Raccoon Lodge Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 7%3.21
Raccoon Lodge IPA  IPA 5.8%3.0251
Raccoon Lodge Razberry Wheat  Fruit Beer 4.5%3.2251
Raccoon Lodge Ring Tail Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 4.1%
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