Deschutes Brewery
901 SW Simpson Ave
Bend, OR 97701
United States
Phone: 541-385-8606
Established: unknown
Official site:
Facebook: /deschutes.brewery
Last updated: 2/15/2013 9:55:43 PM
This address is a Brewpub - A beer company that brews beer on site and offers a full food menu like a restaurant.
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About the Brewery
Located in beautiful Bend, Oregon, Deschutes Brewery overlooks the wild and scenic Deschutes River. It's home base to our adventurous, award-winning lineup of pioneering beers. You're always welcome to drop in, sample our beers, tour the kettles and meet the beer-obsessed folks who tend them. You can also get an insider tip or two on how spend the day, a week or a lifetime in our high-desert home.

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Deschutes 18th Anniversary Pilsner  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5%3.0843
Deschutes 19th Anniversary Golden Ale  Belgian Strong Ale 8.7%3.177
Deschutes 20th Anniversary Wit  Witbier 5.5%3.1456
Deschutes All Bee Bock  Doppelbock 9.5%3.2251
Deschutes Andromeda Ale  Belgian Ale 5.6%3.1251
Deschutes Armory XPA  American Pale Ale 6%3.3336
Deschutes Bachelor Bitter  Extra Special Bitter 4.9%3.5294
Deschutes Bachelor ESB  Extra Special Bitter 5.2%3.53514
Deschutes Benderweisse  Berliner Weisse 5%3.251
Deschutes Bëndsch Kölsch  Kölsch 5.1%3.051
Deschutes Big Red  Strong Ale 9.3%3.3751
Deschutes Black Butte Porter  Porter 5.2%3.68760
Deschutes Black Butte XX  Imperial Porter 11%3.94114
Deschutes Black Butte XXI  Imperial Porter 11%3.90810
Deschutes Black Butte XXII  Imperial Porter 11%3.3751
Deschutes Black Butte XXIII  Imperial Porter 11%3.8099
Deschutes Black Butte XXIV  Imperial Porter 10.8%3.9556
Deschutes Black Butte XXV  Imperial Porter 11.3%3.522
Deschutes Black Butte XXVI  Imperial Porter 10.8%3.422
Deschutes Black Butte XXX  Imperial Porter 13.6%3.21
Deschutes Bomb Squad Smoked Imperial Porter  Imperial Porter 9.1%3.31
Deschutes Bond Street Brown Ale  Brown Ale 4.8%3.122
Deschutes Bond Street Fresh Hop Mirror Pond Pale Ale  This beer is an alias of Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Deschutes Bond Street Hop Henge  IPA 7.5%3.6375
Deschutes Bond Street Hop Henge Experimental IPA  Imperial IPA 8.75%3.811
Deschutes Bond Street Hop Henge Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 8.1%3.54610
Deschutes Bond Street Hop Trip  American Pale Ale 5.5%3.7422
Deschutes Broken Top Bock  Bock 7%3.5144
Deschutes Buzzsaw Brown  Brown Ale 4.8%3.39
Deschutes Cascade Ale  American Pale Ale 4.6%3.4458
Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA  IPA 5.6%3.5188
Deschutes Chasin' Freshies  IPA 7.2%3.3755
Deschutes Cinder Cone Red Ale  Amber Ale 5.8%3.71616
Deschutes Class of '88 Barley Wine  American Barleywine 10%3.4755
Deschutes Class of '88 Belgian Style Ale  Belgian Strong Ale 10.9%3.31
Deschutes Conflux No. 1 - Collage  Strong Ale 11.5%3.97
Deschutes Conflux No. 2  IPA 7.3%3.517
Deschutes Conflux No. 3 - Doppel Dinkel Bock  Doppelbock 10.5%3.2751
Deschutes Creative Juice IPA  IPA 6.1%3.31
Deschutes Cultivateur  Wild Ale 7.5%3.351
Deschutes D Stratt Dubbel  Abbey Dubbel 7.1%3.1751
Deschutes DB's Hefeweizen  Hefeweizen 4.8%3.21
Deschutes Deep Red Belgian Specialty  Belgian Strong Ale 8.9%3.1251
Deschutes Double Bale Quail Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 10%3.5714
Deschutes Double Impact  IPA 8.2%3.251
Deschutes Down 'N Dirty IPA  IPA 6.3%3.1251
Deschutes Firewood  Abbey Dubbel 5.4%3.21
Deschutes Foray Belgian Style IPA  IPA 6.4%3.222
Deschutes Fresh Haze IPA  IPA 6.5%3.31
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA  IPA 6%3.8839
Deschutes Genevrier Wit  Witbier 4.5%3.051
Deschutes Gluten Free Wit  Witbier 4.8%3.082
Deschutes Gluten-Free NW Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.6%3.0751
Deschutes Green Lakes Organic Ale  Amber Ale 5.2%3.58410
Deschutes Green Monster  Wild Ale 7.3%3.351
Deschutes Hefeweizen  Hefeweizen 4.8%3.051
Deschutes Hidden Sun Northwest Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.1751
Deschutes Hop In The Dark Cascadian Dark Ale  American Black Ale 6.5%3.65914
Deschutes Hop Slice Summer Ale  Blonde Ale 5%3.151
Deschutes Hopzeit Autumn IPA  IPA 7%3.11
Deschutes Horseridge IPA  IPA 5.7%3.42
Deschutes Imperial Smoked Porter  Imperial Porter 10%3.2751
Deschutes India Red Ale  Amber Ale 6.5%3.1251
Deschutes India Red Delicious  IPA 6.1%3.2251
Deschutes Inversion IPA  IPA 6.8%3.59734
Deschutes Ivanna Weiss  Hefeweizen 3.2251
Deschutes Jack's Frosty BIRA  Amber Ale 6.75%3.1251
Deschutes Jubel 2010  Strong Ale 10%3.78611
Deschutes Jubelale  English Strong Ale 6.7%3.75637
Deschutes Mint Porter  Porter 5.6%
Deschutes Mirror Mirror Barleywine  American Barleywine 11%3.89414
Deschutes Mirror Pond Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.5%3.49157
Deschutes Miss Spelt Heffeweizen  Hefeweizen 4.1%31
Deschutes Miss Spelt Sower  Wild Ale 5.3%3.1251
Deschutes N2 Killarney Irish Dry Stout  Dry Stout 3.2%3.2751
Deschutes Not The Stoic  Abbey Quadrupel 12%3.5343
Deschutes Oatmeal Stout  Oatmeal Stout 5.7%3.21
Deschutes Obsidian Stout  Stout 6.7%3.87444
Deschutes Old Pilgrim Barley Wine  American Barleywine 9.5%3.422
Deschutes Old Sam Hain  Strong Ale 5.6%3.2251
Deschutes Olde DB IML  Strong Lager 7.3%3.051
Deschutes Pacific Wonderland Lager  Lager 5.5%31
Deschutes Passion Fruit IPA  IPA 6.8%3.0251
Deschutes Phils Trail Ale  American Pale Ale 4.6%3.151
Deschutes Pine Mountain Pils  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5.1%3.4556
Deschutes Pinedrops IPA  IPA 6.5%3.4116
Deschutes Pinot Barrel Aged Jubelale  English Strong Ale 6.7%3.3251
Deschutes Planéte Rouge  Flanders Red 10.2%3.3251
Deschutes Pub Reserve Series: Sour Quad  Abbey Quadrupel 12%3.2751
Deschutes Quahog Light Ale  Blonde Ale 5.6%
Deschutes Quail Springs IPA  IPA 5.8%3.51114
Deschutes Red Chair IPA  This beer is an alias of Deschutes Red Chair NWPA
Deschutes Red Chair NWPA  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.57517
Deschutes Rise IPA  IPA 6.3%3.11
Deschutes River Ale  Blonde Ale 3.8%3.2574
Deschutes Rosemary Vanilla Cream Ale  Cream Ale 3.8%3.151
Deschutes Rye-T On!  Rye Beer 6%3.0751
Deschutes Sagefight Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 8%3.151
Deschutes Saison de la Bond  Saison 6%
Deschutes Saison de Perle  Saison 7.3%3.362
Deschutes St. Nicholas  Wild Ale 10.2%3.1251
Deschutes Streaking Lil Buddha  Wild Ale 3.31
Deschutes Swivelhead Red  Amber Ale 6.5%2.8751
Deschutes The Abyss  Imperial Stout 11%4.03429
Deschutes The Abyss 2011 / 2012 Reserve  Imperial Stout 11%4.0226
Deschutes The Abyss Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged  Imperial Stout 11.5%3.41
Deschutes The Dissident  Wild Ale 11%4.11125
Deschutes The Enigma  American Pale Ale 7.5%3.42
Deschutes The Stoic  Abbey Quadrupel 11%3.42310
Deschutes Twilight Ale  Blonde Ale 5%3.26716
Deschutes Twilight Summer Ale  American Pale Ale 5%
Deschutes Whispering Wee Heavy Scottish Ale  Scottish Ale 6.3%3.3751
Deschutes Winterweizen  Weizenbock 8.3%3.31
Deschutes Zarabanda  Saison 6.5%3.1251
Deschutes/Hopworks India Red Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 6.5%3.0751
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