Nickel Brook Brewing Company / Better Bitters Brewing Company
864 Drury Lane
Burlington, Ontario L7R 2Y4
Phone: (905) 681-2739
Established: 1991
Official site:
Facebook: /?ref=home#!/group.php?gid=149...
Last updated: 5/12/2018 5:47:40 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Since 1991, Better Bitters has quickly developed a reputation as a lively, friendly gathering place for local beer and wine enthusiasts. The accumulation of a diversified product line partnered with superior service, has established a loyal following in the surrounding area.

John Romano, owner of Better Bitters, never fails to impress patrons with his unending supply of product knowledge, a necdotes and advise as he scurries arou...
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Better Bitters Bull's IPA Gluten Free  American Pale Ale 6%2.6255
Earl's Elgin County Auburn Ale  Amber Ale 5%
Montfort Lager  Lager 4.5%3.0751
Nickel Brook / Beyond The Pale Le Petit Coq Noir  Saison 5.1%
Nickel Brook / Ellicottville Only Nerds Would Know  Wild Ale 4.9%3.1751
Nickel Brook / Sawdust City 11.05 Barleywine  English Barleywine 11.05%3.32
Nickel Brook / Sawdust City 11.05 Imperial Saison  Saison 11.5%3.1751
Nickel Brook 80/-  Scottish Ale 5%3.22
Nickel Brook Aequus Nex  IPA 6.6%3.22
Nickel Brook Ale  Cream Ale 5%3.4125
Nickel Brook Amarillo Saison  This beer is an alias of Nickel Brook Le Paysan Saison
Nickel Brook Autumnus  Hefeweizen 5.7%3.1251
Nickel Brook Bavarian Red Lager Marzenbier  Marzen / Oktoberfest 5.5%3.1251
Nickel Brook Bertwell 80 /-  Scottish Ale 5%3.222
Nickel Brook Bolshevik Bastard Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 8.5%3.77
Nickel Brook Bourbon Barrel Aged Cuvee 2012  Strong Ale 8.5%3.3673
Nickel Brook Brett Farmhouse  Saison 5.8%3.1251
Nickel Brook Café Del Bastardo  Imperial Stout 12%3.4843
Nickel Brook Cause and Effect  Blonde Ale 4.7%3.0864
Nickel Brook Ceres  Spiced Beer 4%3.162
Nickel Brook Cheeky Bastard  Stout 4.5%3.162
Nickel Brook Continental Drift  Belgian Ale 5.2%3.1714
Nickel Brook Cucumber-Lime Gose  Gose 4%
Nickel Brook Cuvée  Strong Ale 7.75%3.3833
Nickel Brook Cuvée 08  Strong Ale 7.8%3.12
Nickel Brook Cuvee 2017  Spiced Beer 10%
Nickel Brook Draft  Kölsch 5%3.12
Nickel Brook Duplicitous  Gose 4%3.253
Nickel Brook Equilibrium  Extra Special Bitter 5.5%3.24
Nickel Brook Extra Premium Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 5%3.21
Nickel Brook Extra Special Bitter  Extra Special Bitter 5.7%3.151
Nickel Brook Gluten Free  This beer is an alias of Better Bitters Bull's IPA Gluten Free
Nickel Brook Green Apple Pilsner  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4%3.1456
Nickel Brook Green Light  Berliner Weisse 3.8%3.2144
Nickel Brook Half Bastard Stout  Stout 4.5%3.222
Nickel Brook Headstock IPA  IPA 7%3.467
Nickel Brook Headstock Light  IPA 4.4%
Nickel Brook Ice Bock  Eisbock 6%3.051
Nickel Brook Immodest Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 9.5%3.6144
Nickel Brook Kiangoi Coffee Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 5.4%3.2251
Nickel Brook Lager  Pale Lager 5%3.0751
Nickel Brook Le Paysan Saison  Saison 5.7%3.3574
Nickel Brook Light  This beer is an alias of Nickel Brook Pilsner
Nickel Brook Lolligagger  IPA 4.2%3.051
Nickel Brook Lost In Orbit  IPA 4.5%3.053
Nickel Brook Malevolent Imperial Black IPA  Imperial IPA 9.5%3.7125
Nickel Brook Maple Porter  Porter 6%3.3676
Nickel Brook Marzen   Marzen / Oktoberfest 5.2%3.33
Nickel Brook Mystery Beer A  Stout 4.5%3.1251
Nickel Brook Mystery Beer B  IPA 4.5%3.151
Nickel Brook Mystery Beer C  IPA 6.5%
Nickel Brook Mystery Beer D  Ale 4%
Nickel Brook Naughty Neighbour Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 4.9%3.3255
Nickel Brook New World Belgian Pale Ale  Belgian Ale 5.6%3.1751
Nickel Brook Old Kentucky Bastard Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 10%3.777
Nickel Brook Ontario Wet Hop Pale Ale  English Pale Ale 5.3%3.2385
Nickel Brook Organic Lager  Lager 5%3.0676
Nickel Brook Organic White  Witbier 5%3.2251
Nickel Brook Pilsner  Light / Lite Lager 4%3.0751
Nickel Brook Pissed Off Pete's Pumpkin Porter  Porter 6%3.22
Nickel Brook Pumpkin  Spiced Beer 5.2%3.222
Nickel Brook Reserve Series Glory & Gold  Old Ale 9.5%3.12
Nickel Brook Sahti Juniper Beer  Spiced Beer 6%3.11
Nickel Brook Scotch Ale  Scottish Ale 6.75%3.1251
Nickel Brook Special Edition Oak-Aged Uniek Kriek  Fruit Beer 5.6%3.262
Nickel Brook Special Edition Spring Bock  Bock 5.8%3.2663
Nickel Brook Special Edition Winter Bock  Bock 6.5%3.1751
Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse  Berliner Weisse 4.2%3.182
Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Peach)  Berliner Weisse 3.7%2.9751
Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Pineapple)  Berliner Weisse 3.9%3.051
Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Raspberry)  Berliner Weisse 3.8%3.32
Nickel Brook Uber Berliner Weisse (Soursop and Tangerine)  Berliner Weisse 4.4%3.11
Nickel Brook Uncommon Element  Belgian Ale 5.8%3.22
Nickel Brook Underground Pale Ale  American Pale Ale 6.2%3.322
Nickel Brook Uniek Kriek  Fruit Beer 5%3.0864
Nickel Brook Wicked Awesome  IPA 6.5%3.2663
Nickel Brook Winey Bastard  Imperial Stout 3.3673
Nickel Brook ZAP! Sour IPA  Wild Ale 5.5%3.3343
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