Labatt Brewing Company Limited*
Suite 299, 207 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario M5J 1A7
Phone: 416-361-5050
Established: 1847
Official site:
Facebook: /pages/Labatt-Brewing-Company/...
Last updated: 4/30/2020 12:06:57 AM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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* owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev S. A./ N. V.
NOTE:In the USA, Labatt branded products are owned and distributed by North American Breweries of New York City

Labatt has been shaped by more than 166 years of brewing excellence and commitment to the communities where it operates. Since 1847, the company has never lost sight of the fact that it's in business to serve its customers and consumers. By continually finding innovative ways to enhance the consumer experience with its brands...
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(Labatt) General Jack's Small Batch Lager  Pale Lager 5%2.8751
(Labatt) Red Lobster Red Claw Amber Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 5%
Blue Star  Pale Lager 5%2.8343
Guinness Extra Stout  Foreign / Extra Stout 5%3.717155
Jockey Club  Blonde Ale 5%2.622
John Labatt Classic  Lager 5%2.8278
John Labatt Classic Mahogany  This beer is an alias of John Labatt Red Amber Lager
John Labatt Classic Wheat  American Wheat 5%3.1757
John Labatt Honey Brown Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 5%2.5434
John Labatt Red Amber Lager  Vienna / Amber Lager 5%2.9385
John Labatt Summer Blonde  Pale Lager 5%2.8251
Labatt 0.5  This beer is an alias of Labatt Nordic
Labatt 50  Blonde Ale 5%2.81736
Labatt 519 Lager  Pale Lager 5%
Labatt 52 Ultra Light  Reduced Alcohol 2.2%2.81
Labatt 613 Lager  Pale Lager 5%
Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1%  Strong Lager 10.1%2.642
Labatt Bleue Dry 6.1  Pale Lager 6.1%2.6755
Labatt Bleue Dry 7.1  Strong Lager 7.1%2.951
Labatt Bleue Dry 8.1%  Strong Lager 8.1%2.4163
Labatt Blue  Pale Lager 5%2.58119
Labatt Blue 0.5  This beer is an alias of Labatt Nordic
Labatt Blue 55 (Bleue 55)  Light / Lite Lager 2.4%2.71
Labatt Blue 6.1 Big Shot  Strong Lager 6.1%
Labatt Blue Citra  Pale Lager 4.7%3.151
Labatt Blue De-Alcoholized Pilsener  Reduced Alcohol 0.5%2.422
Labatt Blue Ice  Pale Lager 5.5%2.782
Labatt Blue Light  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.23140
Labatt Blue Light Grapefruit  Light / Lite Lager 4%
Labatt Blue Light Shandy  Light / Lite Lager 4%
Labatt Blue Lime  Pale Lager 4%2.851
Labatt Blue Royale Light  Lager 6.1%3.1751
Labatt Canadian Ale  This beer is an alias of Labatt 50
Labatt Club  Pale Lager 5%2.855
Labatt Copper  Dunkel / Dark Lager 5%2.6663
Labatt Crystal  Pale Lager 5%2.6456
Labatt Extra Dry  Pale Lager 5.5%1.8918
Labatt Extra Stock Malt Liquor  Strong Lager 2.751
Labatt Genuine Draft  Pale Lager 5%2.17414
Labatt Genuine Honey  Lager 5%2.7828
Labatt Genuine Lager  This beer is an alias of Labatt Genuine Draft
Labatt Honey Lager  This beer is an alias of Labatt Genuine Honey
Labatt Ice  Strong Lager 5.6%2.38222
Labatt Igloo  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.71
Labatt IPA (Retired)  IPA 5%
Labatt Lager and Lime  Pale Lager 5%2.4636
Labatt Lite  Light / Lite Lager 4%
Labatt Lucky Lager  Pale Lager 4.8%2.2626
Labatt Lucky Lager Extra  Lager 6%2.3786
Labatt Lucky Lager Force 10  Strong Lager 10%2.551
Labatt Lucky Lager Force 8  Strong Lager 8%
Labatt Lucky Light  Light / Lite Lager 4%2.6663
Labatt Maple Jubilee  Lager 5.5%
Labatt Maximum Ice  Strong Lager 7.1%2.40612
Labatt Micks Red  Vienna / Amber Lager 5.3%2.7755
Labatt Nordic  Reduced Alcohol 0.5%2.653
Labatt Original Lucky Extra  Strong Lager 6%
Labatt Porter  Porter 5%2.9412
Labatt Select  Light / Lite Lager 4.2%2.7385
Labatt Shok  Strong Lager 6.9%2.167
Labatt Skol  Lager 5%2.71
Labatt Sterling  Pale Lager 4%2.0259
Labatt Toreador  Strong Lager 7.1%
Labatt Twist Shandy  Fruit Beer 2.3%
Labatt Wildcat  Pale Lager 5%2.36914
Labatt Wildcat Dry  Pale Lager 5.9%2.42
Labatt Wildcat Force 10%  Strong Lager 10%
Labatt Wildcat Force 7%  Strong Lager 7%
Labatt Wildcat Force 8%  Strong Lager 8%
Labatt Wildcat Light  Light / Lite Lager 4%
Labatt Wildcat Strong  Strong Lager 6.1%2.48512
Labatt Winchester  Pale Lager 5%
Master Choice Tipperary (Retired)  Lager 6.5%
Saint-Urbain Ambrée au Miel  Vienna / Amber Lager 4.9%2.482
St-Urbain Blonde  Pale Lager 4.9%2.3833
St-Urbain Rousse  Vienna / Amber Lager 4.9%2.4663
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