Halfway Crooks
60 Georgia Ave. SE
Atlanta, GA 30312
United States
Phone: 678-705-5530
Established: 2020
Official site: https://halfwaycrooks.beer
Last updated: 7/27/2020 7:27:33 PM
This address is a Brewery & Tap Room - A beer company that brews beer on site and sells beer for consumption on site but without a full food menu.
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The man is camped on a great plain with a small fire providing a flickering light and intermittent warmth. Tiny wisps of smoke ascend into a vast, clear night sky. Tomorrow the sheep will move, leaving behind today. After ten steps these are lost from sight and smell, probably forever. With them he leaves too his brief speculation about sky and earth, brought on by the calmness of night, and he peers toward the horizon in search of beauty, love, ...
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Halfway Crooks Active Low  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.9%
Halfway Crooks Ada  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.8%3.1251
Halfway Crooks Beer  Baltic Porter 5.6%
Halfway Crooks Boids  Saison 6%
Halfway Crooks Control Data  IPA 6.8%
Halfway Crooks Digital Being  American Pale Ale 5.2%
Halfway Crooks Echo  Doppelbock 6.3%3.251
Halfway Crooks Farina  Pale Lager 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Fiets  Saison 7.1%
Halfway Crooks If Barleywine is Life I Choose Death  Dunkel / Dark Lager 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Less Data  American Pale Ale 5.2%3.2251
Halfway Crooks Memory (Blend #1)  Saison 7.6%
Halfway Crooks Metadata  IPA 6.8%
Halfway Crooks Metric  Vienna / Amber Lager 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Mineral Ills  Pale Lager 4%
Halfway Crooks More Data  Imperial IPA 8%
Halfway Crooks Octal  Kellerbier 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Radix  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Reset  Helles / Dortmunder 4.8%
Halfway Crooks Sanguine  Belgian Ale 4.8%3.21
Halfway Crooks Settings  American Pale Ale 4.8%3.2751
Halfway Crooks Shell  Schwarzbier 4.5%
Halfway Crooks Themes  American Pale Ale 4.6%
Halfway Crooks Velo  Belgian Ale 3.8%3.0751
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