Akademia Brewing Company
150 Crane Drive
Athens, GA 30606
United States
Phone: 678-726-2288
Established: 2017
Official site: akademiabc.com
Last updated: 11/2/2019 6:26:02 PM
This address is a Brewpub - A beer company that brews beer on site and offers a full food menu like a restaurant.
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Our full-service restaurant and brewery — a brewpub — launched in the Classic City of Athens, Georgia, in October 2017, to give craft beer fans a place to eat, drink and call home. We are dedicated to the mission of crafting distinct and consistent ales with unique twists that provide balanced and enjoyable flavor profiles and tantalize your taste buds. And because no beer is complete without a side of food, at Akademia, you can rest assured that...
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Akademia Brewing / Peekskill Take It To The Macs, Vol. 2 - Macsimus Prime  Imperial IPA 9.6%3.2751
Akademia Brewing Akademos Attica  Saison 6.2%
Akademia Brewing Calibration  Porter 4.5%
Akademia Brewing Cram Session  IPA 5.2%3.0751
Akademia Brewing Everything He Touches (Triple Berry)  Saison 6%
Akademia Brewing Everything He Touches Red Wine Barrel Aged  Wild Ale 6.4%3.0751
Akademia Brewing Extra Credit  Extra Special Bitter 5%3.2751
Akademia Brewing Got Any Galaxy?  Imperial IPA 7.5%3.21
Akademia Brewing Hoprodisiac  Imperial IPA 8%3.3251
Akademia Brewing IQ IPA  IPA 6%3.0751
Akademia Brewing Moirai  Abbey Tripel 9%3.21
Akademia Brewing Niobe's Tears  Gose 4.8%3.151
Akademia Brewing Noctua Chaos  Imperial Stout 10.2%3.251
Akademia Brewing Paraskevidekatriaphobia  Imperial Stout 13%3.41
Akademia Brewing S'More of This  Imperial Stout 10%3.3251
Akademia Brewing Same Thing We Always Do  Mild Ale 3.2%
Akademia Brewing Skal  Saison 5.8%3.151
Akademia Brewing STFU Donnie  Imperial IPA 8.6%3.21
Akademia Brewing The Dom  Kölsch 4.6%
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