Orpheus Brewing
1440 Dutch Valley Pl. NE
Atlanta, GA 30324
United States
Phone: unknown
Established: 2014
Official site: www.orpheusbrewing.com
Last updated: 10/6/2014 7:51:11 AM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Coming late Spring 2014, Orpheus Brewing is an artisanal brewery overlooking Piedmont Park and the Beltline. With a lineup featuring saisons, sours, hops, and barrels, Orpheus Brewing will offer beers unique to the Southeast.
Orpheus Abandon All Hope  Imperial Stout 13.9%3.451
Orpheus After the Last Death  Wild Ale 9%3.21
Orpheus Again and Again  Wild Ale 4%3.11
Orpheus All You Get is All You Get  Wild Ale 5%3.151
Orpheus Apotheosis  Strong Ale 12%3.451
Orpheus Ascending  IPA 6%3.31
Orpheus Atalanta  Saison 5.25%3.422
Orpheus Atalanta Reserva  Wild Ale 6.7%3.21
Orpheus Atalanta Slays the Beast  Wild Ale 6.2%3.21
Orpheus Boubalos  IPA 7%3.11
Orpheus Cherry Atalanta  Wild Ale 5.5%3.351
Orpheus Chickataur  Wild Ale 5.5%3.051
Orpheus Choosers of the Slain  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.8%3.1251
Orpheus Coffee Minotaur  Wild Ale 8%3.3251
Orpheus Dichotomy  American Pale Ale 5%3.151
Orpheus Elusory  IPA 6.7%3.251
Orpheus Even the Furies Wept  Saison 7%3.1751
Orpheus Everything Lasts Forever  Gueuze 6.7%3.351
Orpheus Fruits of Pomona  Wild Ale 5%3.151
Orpheus Hop Experiment #1: Hallertau Blanc  IPA 7%3.2251
Orpheus Hop Experiment #2  IPA 7%3.11
Orpheus Hop Experiment #3  IPA 7%3.0251
Orpheus Hop Experiment #5  IPA 5.7%3.3751
Orpheus Life.Death.Life.Truth  IPA 7%3.11
Orpheus Like A White Curtain Blowing In the Draft From A Half Opened Window Beside A Chair On Which  Wild Ale 6.8%3.31
Orpheus Lyric Ale  Saison 6.5%3.182
Orpheus Minotaur  Wild Ale 8%3.1251
Orpheus Noise and Flesh  Wild Ale 4.4%3.1251
Orpheus Nothing Left Behind  Wild Ale 4.6%3.0751
Orpheus Nothing Left to Give  Wild Ale 5.9%3.11
Orpheus Over and Over  Wild Ale 4%3.051
Orpheus Over and Over and Over  Wild Ale 7.5%3.1751
Orpheus Peace.War.Truth.Lie  IPA 5%3.21
Orpheus Quadruple Dry-Hopped Transmigration of Souls  Imperial IPA 11%3.11
Orpheus Rainbow Serpent  Wild Ale 6%3.31
Orpheus Rooted  Spiced Beer 12%3.0751
Orpheus Saison Calliope  Saison 6.4%3.31
Orpheus Serpent Bite  Saison 6.5%3.351
Orpheus Stouts All The Way Down Vol. 1  Imperial Stout 13%
Orpheus Stouts All the Way Down Vol. 2  Imperial Stout 12.5%3.4251
Orpheus Sykophantes  Wild Ale 7.5%3.2751
Orpheus Sykophantes Blanc  Wild Ale 9%3.31
Orpheus The 12th Labor  Imperial Stout 13%3.451
Orpheus The Cold Ground  Wild Ale 5%3.0751
Orpheus The Fate of All Heroes  Old Ale 11%3.451
Orpheus The Ferryman  Imperial Stout 10.5%3.3751
Orpheus The Maenads #3  Abbey Tripel 11.1%3.21
Orpheus The Rites  IPA 6.7%3.151
Orpheus The Sirens  Saison 6%3.21
Orpheus The Stones Grew Red  Wild Ale 14%3.11
Orpheus There Was Such A Thing As Daylight  Wild Ale 5%3.1751
Orpheus Time and Inevitability  Wild Ale 8.2%3.0251
Orpheus Transmigration of Souls  Imperial IPA 10%3.3751
Orpheus Truth.Body.Soul  Imperial IPA 8%3.051
Orpheus Wandering Blues  Wild Ale 7%3.2751
Orpheus When All Goes Black My Shadow Seeks Me  Milk Stout 6.6%3.2751
Orpheus Whispers and Shadows  Wild Ale 7.1%3.251
Orpheus Ye Who Enter Here  Imperial Stout 13.9%3.3751
Orpheus Yesternow  Wild Ale 6.8%3.2751
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