Bellwoods Brewery
124 Ossington Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6J 2Z5
Phone: unknown
Established: 2012
Official site:
Last updated: 10/12/2012 10:35:12 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Bellwoods Brewery is a new Toronto microbrewery, retail store & café coming to Ossington and Argyle early in 2012

We intend to produce a diverse range of craft ales and fermented elixirs for both wholesale and retail customers.

Bellwoods Brewery will also operate a small indoor picnic-style cafe in collaboration with local chefs for lovers of craft beer.
Bellwoods / Evil Twin Fruit Helmet  Fruit Beer 6.8%
Bellwoods / House Ales House In The Woods  Porter 
Bellwoods Barn Owl (Blend No. 3)  Wild Ale 7.7%3.2751
Bellwoods Belgian IPA  Belgian Ale 7.3%
Bellwoods Bellweiser  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 4.8%3.0251
Bellwoods Berliner Weisse  Berliner Weisse 3.2%
Bellwoods Bière de Garde  Biere de Garde 7.5%
Bellwoods Bière de Garde Barrel Aged  Biere de Garde 7.5%
Bellwoods Blitzen  Belgian Strong Ale 10%
Bellwoods Boogie Monster  Imperial IPA 8%3.251
Bellwoods Boot Knife  Belgian Ale 5.4%3.242
Bellwoods Brettalhead  American Wheat 5%3.2251
Bellwoods Bring Out Your Dead  Imperial Stout 10%3.3251
Bellwoods Cat Lady  IPA 7.3%3.22
Bellwoods Catherine Wheel  IPA 7.3%
Bellwoods Common  American Pale Ale 5%
Bellwoods Common Dry Hopped Session Ale  American Pale Ale 4.1%
Bellwoods Cuvee du Grandma's Boy  Belgian Strong Ale 8.5%
Bellwoods Cuvee du Grandma's Boy Barrel Aged with Plums  Wild Ale 10%
Bellwoods Double Jutsu  IPA 8%3.251
Bellwoods Exprimidor  American Pale Ale 5.5%
Bellwoods Exprimidor with Hibiscus and Juniper  American Pale Ale 5.5%
Bellwoods Fall Saison  Saison 6%
Bellwoods Farmhouse Classic Brett Saison 2017  Saison 6.2%3.1751
Bellwoods Farmhouse IPA  IPA 7.5%
Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison  Saison 6%
Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison Barrel Aged  Saison 6.5%
Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison Classic  Saison 6.5%3.1751
Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison with Peach  Saison 6%
Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison with Strawberry and Hibiscus  Saison 6%
Bellwoods Fortune Cookie Tripel  Abbey Tripel 8.2%
Bellwoods Gotham  IPA 8%3.21
Bellwoods Grizzly Beer  Brown Ale 6%3.42
Bellwoods Hellwoods  Imperial Stout 10%3.4251
Bellwoods Hellwoods with Sour Cherries  Imperial Stout 10%
Bellwoods Jelly King  Wild Ale 5.6%3.2163
Bellwoods Jelly King (Mango Apricot)  Wild Ale 5.6%3.0751
Bellwoods Jutsu  American Pale Ale 5.6%3.4843
Bellwoods Lambda  Abbey Quadrupel 11%
Bellwoods Last Splash  Strong Ale 9.3%
Bellwoods Lost River IPA  IPA 7.6%
Bellwoods Lost River IPA Barrel Aged  IPA 7.6%
Bellwoods Lost River Porter  Baltic Porter 7.7%3.351
Bellwoods Mash Pipe  Berliner Weisse 3.6%
Bellwoods Monogamy (Bravo)  American Pale Ale 6.4%
Bellwoods Monogamy (Calypso)  American Pale Ale 6.4%
Bellwoods Monogamy (Centennial)  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.1751
Bellwoods Monogamy (Chinook)  American Pale Ale 6.4%31
Bellwoods Monogamy (Citra)  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.0251
Bellwoods Monogamy (Columbus)  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.1751
Bellwoods Monogamy (Galaxy)  American Pale Ale 6.4%
Bellwoods Monogamy (Mosaic)  American Pale Ale 6.4%3.322
Bellwoods Monogamy (Nelson Sauvin)  American Pale Ale 6.4%
Bellwoods Monogamy (Summit)  American Pale Ale 6.4%
Bellwoods Muggleweisse  Wild Ale 3.9%
Bellwoods Muggleweisse with Figs  Wild Ale 3.9%
Bellwoods Omertà  American Pale Ale 5.5%
Bellwoods Paper Tiger (2017)  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5.3%3.11
Bellwoods Petal Head  Saison 6.1%
Bellwoods Petal Pusher  Belgian Ale 6%
Bellwoods Phantom Limb  Abbey Tripel 8.5%3.282
Bellwoods Roman Candle  IPA 6.8%3.3833
Bellwoods Skeleton Key (Espresso)  Imperial Stout 10.3%3.351
Bellwoods Skeleton Key (Toasted Coconut)  Imperial Stout 10.5%3.3251
Bellwoods Stay Classy  IPA 2.3%3.11
Bellwoods Toil And Trouble  Abbey Dubbel 8.7%3.151
Bellwoods Twin Peach  American Pale Ale 5.6%
Bellwoods Warp and Weft  Berliner Weisse 
Bellwoods Weft and Warp  Berliner Weisse 
Bellwoods White Picket Fence  Witbier 4.8%
Bellwoods Witchshark  Imperial IPA 9%3.53
Bellwoods Wizard Wolf  American Pale Ale 4.6%3.21
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