Sawdust City Brewing Company
P.O. Box 8
Gravenhurst, Ontario P1P 1T5
Phone: unknown
Established: 2011
Official site:
Last updated: 1/16/2013 11:16:21 PM
This address is a Brewery - A location where beer is brewed but not sold for consumption on site.
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Opening in the Spring of 2012 on the boardwalks of the Muskoka Wharf in the heart of Gravenhurst, Ontario; Sawdust City Brewing Co., will be a small brewery with an attached tied-house. Now, for everyone not affiliated with the provincial government, that simply means that Sawdust City will be makin' fresh, tasty beer and will be servin' local, tasty food.
Why a "tied-house" you ask? Well, we here at the Sawdust City Brewing Co., we not on...
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Sawdust City / Arendals Little Norway  Pale Lager 4.5%3.242
Sawdust City / Bar Hop Blood of Cthulhu  Imperial Stout 10%3.282
Sawdust City / Bar Hop Brewco The Blood of Chthulu  Imperial Stout 9.5%3.0251
Sawdust City / Bar Hop Coriolis Effect  Berliner Weisse 3.2%3.2663
Sawdust City / Beau's All Natural Hot Love Under A Cold Moon  Weizenbock 8%3.222
Sawdust City / Cassel Crujiente Boi  Pale Lager 4.7%3.1751
Sawdust City / Nickel Brook 11.05 (2014) Triple IPA  Imperial IPA 11.05%3.2751
Sawdust City / Nickel Brook 11.05 (2016) Brett Tripel  Abbey Tripel 11%3.32
Sawdust City / Stone City Ales An Ale of Two Cities  Wild Ale 6%3.1251
Sawdust City / Tooth and Nail Old Fashioned Dust Up  Belgian Ale 5.3%3.1251
Sawdust City 7 Weeks of Staying Up All Night  Saison 4.5%3.262
Sawdust City A Place to Stand  Bohemian / Czech Pilsener 5%3.11
Sawdust City Adaptation Sabro  Kölsch 5.5%
Sawdust City Binary System 2  Imperial IPA 7.8%
Sawdust City Bitter Beauty IIPA  Imperial IPA 9%3.21
Sawdust City Bloody Long Dark Voyage to Uranus  Imperial Stout 8.5%
Sawdust City CCCP: The People's Porter  Porter 5.5%
Sawdust City COCKPuncher Imperial IPA  Imperial IPA 10%
Sawdust City Darkness On The Edge Of Town  American Black Ale 6.6%
Sawdust City Dawson's Kriek  Fruit Beer 5%
Sawdust City Death and Taxes  Fruit Beer 4.3%3.0751
Sawdust City Dirty Sanchez  Oatmeal Stout 
Sawdust City Drunkenberry Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 10%
Sawdust City Electric Storm  IPA 6.9%3.21
Sawdust City Element Lager: Dry-Hopped  Lager 5%
Sawdust City Element Lager: Dunkel  Dunkel / Dark Lager 4.9%
Sawdust City Element Lager: Rice  Pale Lager 4.4%
Sawdust City Element Lager: Smoked Honey Vienna Lager  Rauchbier 5.2%
Sawdust City Everyday Magic  IPA 6.9%
Sawdust City Four Barrel's Barley Wine  American Barleywine 10%
Sawdust City Gateway Kolsch Styled Ale  Kölsch 5%3.182
Sawdust City Gnarnia  IPA 4.8%
Sawdust City Golden Beach Pale Wheat  American Wheat 4.8%3.3294
Sawdust City Grayder's Pink Grapefruit Radler  Fruit Beer 3.5%3.051
Sawdust City Great Weiss North  Hefeweizen 
Sawdust City Griffin Maple Butter Tart Ale  Amber Ale 5%3.13
Sawdust City Highway 118 Porter  Porter 5.5%
Sawdust City How I Really Felt About BSG  Stout 5.5%
Sawdust City I Swear Sugarpants It Was Your Idea  Flanders Oude Bruin 5%
Sawdust City I, The Mountain and The Leprechaun Flute  Amber Ale 7.5%3.222
Sawdust City Ingo Der Christmas Goat in - aBOCKalypse 2012: The Wreck-n-ing!  Weizenbock 7.5%
Sawdust City Juicin  IPA 6%3.251
Sawdust City Just The Mention Of Berlin Makes Me Sexy  Berliner Weisse 3.8%
Sawdust City L'il Man Belgian Inspired Golden Ale  Belgian Ale 5.2%
Sawdust City Le Chandail de Skokie  Biere de Garde 8.5%3.2251
Sawdust City Limberlost Aged On Wild Yeast  Biere de Garde 7.2%
Sawdust City Limberlost Farmhouse Ale Barrel Aged with Strawberry Rhubarb  Wild Ale 5%3.282
Sawdust City Lone Pine (Bizarro Version)  Wild Ale 3%2.9251
Sawdust City Lone Pine India Pale Ale  IPA 6.7%3.66
Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage To Uranus  Imperial Stout 8.5%3.4255
Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage to Uranus (Peanut Butter)  Imperial Stout 9.5%3.1251
Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage To Uranus Barrel Aged  Imperial Stout 9%
Sawdust City Long Dark Voyage to Whiskey  Imperial Stout 9%
Sawdust City Mariposa Sun Lager  Lager 4.2%
Sawdust City Ol' Woody Alt  Altbier 4.8%3.3714
Sawdust City Old Dirty Barrel 2016 (O.D.B.)  Saison 10%3.21
Sawdust City Olde B. A. Johnston's  Strong Lager 8%3.051
Sawdust City Or Thoughts on Good & Evil  Saison 8%3.22
Sawdust City Passionfruit Guava Kettle Sour  Berliner Weisse 3.5%3.222
Sawdust City Patio Nights  Spiced Beer 5.3%
Sawdust City Peanut Butter Stout  Stout 5%3.21
Sawdust City Plantation #1 Row #27  American Pale Ale 5.5%3.11
Sawdust City Pointless Marketing Imperial Session IPA  IPA 6.5%3.251
Sawdust City Q Beer  Vienna / Amber Lager 4.6%
Sawdust City Red Rocket Stout  Stout 5.5%3.4385
Sawdust City Sagemehl Stadt Festbier  Marzen / Oktoberfest 5.3%3.22
Sawdust City Simpler Times  IPA 7.2%
Sawdust City Skinny Dippin' At XXX-Mas  Porter 5.5%
Sawdust City Skinny Dippin' With Friends  Stout 5.5%3.21
Sawdust City Skinny Dipping Stout  Oatmeal Stout 5.5%3.2714
Sawdust City Soberberry Imperial Stout  Imperial Stout 10%
Sawdust City Spaltered Beast  Altbier 5%
Sawdust City Sweet Basil McRae IPA  IPA 6.5%
Sawdust City The Appearance Of Conflict  Saison 6.6%
Sawdust City The Appearance Of Force  Stout 8.7%
Sawdust City The Frank  American Wheat 4.8%
Sawdust City The Futhered Muzzy  Brown Ale 6.7%3.182
Sawdust City The Pale Mexican Rides Again  American Pale Ale 5.9%
Sawdust City The Princess Wears Girl Pants  Belgian Strong Ale 8.5%3.322
Sawdust City The Princess Wears Girl Pants and Meet The O.D.B  Belgian Strong Ale 8.5%3.4663
Sawdust City The Rube  American Wheat 
Sawdust City The XTC Version Was Better  Rye Beer 5%
Sawdust City There's No Way Of Knowing  Saison 5.5%3.23
Sawdust City Topenga's Forbidden Fruit  Belgian Ale 6.4%3.0751
Sawdust City Twin Pines  Imperial IPA 8.8%3.2163
Sawdust City Two Pump Chump  Abbey Dubbel 7.2%
Sawdust City Viva La Stout  Imperial Stout 9.5%
Sawdust City We Belong To The Thunder  IPA 4.8%
Sawdust City Went On A Date With Brett And Showed Him My Nuts  Belgian Ale 5.5%
Sawdust City Winding Road for 7km  Saison 7%3.282
Sawdust City Winewood Series: 1606 Raspberry Stout Barrel Aged  Stout 5.7%3.222
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