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Hardywood Park RVA IPA
A beer by: Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
from Richmond, VA, United States
Style: IPA

Last Updated:
7/5/2019 9:29:12 PM
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Beer Description:
In August, 2011, Hardywood Park Craft Brewery pioneered a new concept in collaborative brewing: community hopped beer. We had always believed that if we were going to brew an IPA, that it better be extraordinary. Continuing a tradition from our home brewing roots, when neighbors and friends grew hops to contribute to our annual fresh-hopped IPA, we reached out to Richmond's very passionate beer community to invite home hop growers to donate some of their fresh harvest. Sure enough, they came through. With fresh hop contributions from local home growers, Hardywood RVA IPA captures the terroir of Richmond and the spirit of its hop growing beer enthusiasts.

A wet-hopped, American-style India Pale Ale with loads of fresh local Columbus, Cascade, Chinook, Centennial and Glacier hops, Hardywood RVA IPA displays a toasted auburn color with a vibrant, creamy head. Cedar, citrus and herbal notes pervade the aroma, while the flavor offers a floral character and a delightful, resinous mouthfeel that can only be achieved with an assertive dose of freshly harvested hops. Medium- to full-bodied, Hardywood RVA IPA finishes with lingering hints of grapefruit and honey.

While only 40 gallons of the inaugural RVA IPA were brewed on the pilot brewery in 2011, Hardywood plans to offer local gardeners free hop rhizomes each spring with educational materials on growing and harvesting hops, and the hope for a portion of their bounty at harvest time. We're hopeful that Hardywood RVA IPA will not only evolve as a unique annual beer offering, but as a fun, community building experience.
Special thanks to our 2011 hop contributors: Sean Thomas-Pumphrey, Lindsay Weiford, Karl Elchinger, Nick Walthall and Taylor Chenery.
Best with:
Hardywood RVA IPA is exceptional with pulled pork barbecue, smoked ribs, grilled venison loin, peppered steak, chili, and burgers. RVA IPA stands up well to spicy Mexican, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisine, bringing out savory characteristics in the food. Cheese recommendations include aged, sharp cheddar, Gruyère and Monterey Jack. On the dessert side, RVA IPA harmonizes beautifully with carrot cake with cream cheese icing.
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