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Beer name: Reformation Cinnamon Dolce Stark
Brewer: Reformation Brewery
Style: Porter
ABV: 5.5
OG: 0
FG: 0
IBU: 0
Availability: Unknown
After the turkey has been carved, the naps have been taken, and the annual black friday shopping has commenced, we will be here for you. We will have infused our porter with cinnamon and coffee to satisfy any craving or boost that you might need to carry you through the rest of season or just day. This experimental infusion is draft-only and available for a limited time only in our Keeping Room. About the beer A Robust Porter at 5.5% ABV with hints of chocolate from roasted malts, Stark begs you to savor the moment a little longer. Best served at 45-50F, this dry, medium bodied, porter is good for any time of day or night. Originally brewed to share and raise support for Cambodian Heritage Camp (our brewmaster Nick is an adoptive father to two Cambodian children) the beer has been served to connect adoptive families from all over the United States to each other. to each other.