Brewery name Brouwerij Rodenbach Palm modified to Brouwerij Rodenbach
Date Established changed from 0 to 1836
Website Address changed from to
Owner changed from 0 to 12848
Brewery description edited from Null to Rodenbach is the kind of brewery that leaves a lasting impression. Here passionate beer masters ensure the perfect flavour of the famous 'Flemish red-brown ale'. Using their own unique recipes they brew exceptional beer from mixed fermentation in 294 oak casks. The result being beers that are slightly different to what you expect. Refreshing and intense. Cheers to the unexpected!


Brewery name: Brouwerij Rodenbach Palm
Address: Spanjestraat 133-141
City: Roeselare
Zip Code: 8800
Country: Belgium
Phone Number: 32-051-223400
Brewery description: No description given

No information from the original beer submission was retained.