Brewery name Lupulin Brewing modified to Lupulin Brewing Company (Minnesota)
Address changed from 570 Humboldt Dr. to Unit #107, 570 Humboldt Drive
Date Established changed from 2015 to 2015
Website Address changed from to
Facebook page changed from Null to


Brewery name: Lupulin Brewing
Address: 570 Humboldt Dr.
City: Big Lake
State: MN
Zip: 55309
Country: United States
Phone Number: 763-263-9549
Date Established: 2015
Category: Brewery
Brewery Description:
We believe that life’s too short to drink crappy beer, that’s why you should drink great beer from here. Or pick up a growler on your way home or to the lake, or stop at a liquor store near you for a 4-pack of cans and drink our beers at your place. Either way, it’s a win-win.