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Brewery name: Reformation Brewery
Address: 500 Arnold Mill Way
City: Woodstock
State: GA
Zip: 30188
Country: United States
Phone Number: (678) 341-0828
Date Established: 2014
Category: Brewery
Brewery Description:
Martin Luther, iconic figure of the Protestant Reformation, developed the pastime of inviting students to his home after class to have conversations about theology, life, and culture while sharing a pint of his wife Katy’s home-brewed ale. At Reformation Brewery, we love Luther’s example and hope to continue that tradition of fostering conversation and community around craft beer. We strive to create an honest social atmosphere where you can sit at a table with a businessman, a laborer, a soldier, an artist, a scientist, a pastor or politician to have a conversation and enjoy each others’ company. Everyone who works for Reformation Brewery, from the brewmaster to the Rebels, will be trained to serve generously, and to care for the people they serve. Reformation Brewery is centered around core values. We live these values to accomplish our vision of reforming beer culture. Acceptance is about creating a safe environment where people can discover that they are honored for their humanity. Acceptance means we open our doors, arms and hearts wide believing that every friend and stranger brings with them the image of God. Reformation Brewery will accept all. Story is something we all carry within us – the good and the broken of our journey. We share our stories to be known, valued, and accepted, breaking down isolation and loneliness. Reformation Brewery will always seek the story in customers’ lives. Authenticity comes to life in a climate where a person is encouraged and allowed to be who they are created to be. True self comes when a person’s energy isn’t devoted to gaining acceptance from others. Freeing one’s self is a critical step to accepting others. Reformation Brewery will not fake it, till we make it. Moderation is the means to enjoy quality craft beer to the fullest. Our increasingly polarized world is living life primarily at the extremes. By modeling moderation and finding middle ground, Reformation Brewery can promote balance in all aspects of life together. Humility is about knowing one’s place in a community. It requires the ability to empty one’s self of ego in order to make room for others as we seek to understand the world. Humble people speak the truth without claiming a monopoly on it. Humble people are not easily offended and, in turn, are slow to offend others. Reformation Brewery understands it’s not about us. Humor means we do not take ourselves too seriously. Humor makes room for playfulness and is a delightful reminder to find joy in all circumstances of life. Humor calls attention to truth, especially when it is painful, in a way that makes it possible to receive the truth. Reformation Brewery will find light in the dark.