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#3782 The Avenue Pub from New Orleans, LA, United States
Score: 4.2 | Atmosphere 8 | Selection 8 | Value 9 | Service 9 | Overall 8 |
The moment you walk into the Avenue Pub, you feel like you are home and the bartenders treat you like a regular from the very first visit. The tap wall is really outstanding, they have regionals (with all the NOLA's), unique interesting american micros, and impressive imports. And the taps rotate so often, you always find something to get you excited. The bottle list is also fantastic- from Cantillon, 3 Fontenien, Special release locals, Fantome, Loverbeer, and more . The food can really be quite surprising, gourmet seems to be the best way to describe it, and never boring. The feel of the Avenue is amazing, sitting with a guy on the right drinking a Pabst and a guy on you left with a Cantillon- everybody is still equal and you are all having a great time. the owner Polly is a class act and cares about every aspect of giving the customer the best craft beer experience! I wish this was my local bar, and it is easily in the top 5 bars in the US! .. and they were one of only 21 bars in the world to get 2011 Zwanze, that just shows you how amazing this place is!
9/21/2011 10:58:24 AM |
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#3781 Royal Liquors from Kansas City, MO, United States
Score: 1 | Atmosphere 2 | Selection 2 | Value 2 | Service 2 | Overall 2 |
to clarify.. Not closed BUT told they stopped ordering the majority of the craft beer a while back, and it shows, most of the beer is expired.. at least 85% of all craft/import is dusty, black sedimented or past due date, and I spent 45 minutes looking at nearly every item and talked to a head guy and he echoed these sentiments.. this place wasted my time, and most importantly my time.. avoid like the plague...
6/9/2011 8:39:09 PM |
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#3780 Stoombierbrouwerij De Bekeerde Suster from Amsterdam, -, Netherlands
Score: 2.2 | Atmosphere 4 | Selection 4 | Value 5 | Service 5 | Overall 4 |
Went on my last beer day in the Dam .. . very quiet with the exception of a few couples and some old farts who seemed to not like a young guy entering 'their' bar, so i sat as far away by the brewing equipment until i was told that that area was closed..? .. place was a bit dirty, the waitress was annoyed she had to serve me, and the beers were decent but not at all world class .. . Happy to have visited but even happier i didn’t actually go out of my way for this up-scale dump ..
2/21/2011 4:59:56 PM |
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#3779 Brouwerij De Prael from Amsterdam, -, Netherlands
Score: 3.8 | Atmosphere 8 | Selection 7 | Value 8 | Service 7 | Overall 8 |
Got there about 45 mins early so had to walk around abit, in the seedier part of The Dam, but if you go early- you won't have any problems, not that you would anyway .. . Nice bartender, informative but not overly friendly.. they had 5 Prael taps and 2 guest taps.. very tasty brews , prices were good .. . interesting fun decor and feel- .. I could see taking my grandma to this place .. An enjoyable experience.. and there bottleshop is just around the corner..
2/21/2011 4:31:08 PM |
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#3778 Redlight Redlight from Winter Park, FL, United States
Score: 3.9 | Atmosphere 6 | Selection 8 | Value 8 | Service 9 | Overall 8 |
What can i say aboot Redlight x2 that hasn't been said already.. . not the biggest tap selection but damn, it always is qualiy .. good bottle selection and the owner and bar team are cool kats! .. . i wish i lived down the street from this place. --------This is a top 10 in the world of beer bars..
2/13/2011 5:58:02 PM |
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#3777 Homsis Tobacco & Beer, Inc. from Lake Charles, LA, United States
Score: 2.2 | Atmosphere 3 | Selection 7 | Value 6 | Service 2 | Overall 4 |
Took a 3 hour car ride to get to this place, from Houston to Lake Charles; was it worth it....


Selection is kinda impressive, the guy could order a bunch more, had bits + pieces from Mikkeller, Troegs, 3 Fontein, Giradin, Oud Beersel, Zea, Harvieston, Rogue, Abita, crazy Lithuanian stuff, St-Ambroise, and Thomas Hardy..

impressed, i was until i got home...


This guy is in the wrong place, location and in his mind...
In the 30 minutes i was i the small aisle, probably 10 people came in and bought either a 32 ounce High Life, Schlitz Malt Liquor, or Bud Lite...Also, nearly all the bottles had some degree of dust, and when some of the older bottles had lots of black sediment... over 50% i'd say were gone ...

and of the 12 bottles i bought, i have opened 8, 6 were bad...even after i checked and only took the better looking/date friendly bottles..

the guy running this place is a real prick, hovers at the endcap looking at me like i was going to steal, and no breaking six packs for someone willing to send hundreds .. but, the saving grace was the absolutely SmokiN hot chick working the counter..


you need good beer and are stuck in Lake Charles, try it out, but check every bottle for sediment and dust.. then throw it in the owners face.. just kidding Homsi.... then go gamble...

4/27/2009 9:09:31 AM |
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#3776 The Ginger Man, Houston from Houston, TX, United States
Score: 4.3 | Atmosphere 9 | Selection 9 | Value 8 | Service 9 | Overall 8 |
First discovered this gem when they graciously oped up there doors to the Houston BA's for our monthly tastings; awesome place and awesome people! .. . Selection is top notch, only beat out by the saucer, but this place has that cozy friends house kinda feel .. . always have a cask beer, a plus ... . they offer chips,pretzels and a cheese plate they will do in a pinch, or you can order a pizza or bring in a burger, they are cool about it .. . overall: fantastic beer selection for Houston, and they treat their rowdy BA's like kings!!! .. recommended for sure, one of my favourite stops...
4/27/2009 8:52:48 AM |
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#3775 Liquid Solutions from Tigard, OR, United States
Score: 3.3 | Atmosphere 8 | Selection 8 | Value 7 | Service 4 | Overall 6 |
Have order online from them quite a few times... Pretty good selection and has the rare stuff on occasion, but gets negative points for long shipping time, takes around 2 weeks at least for an order to be packaged up and shipped, shipping rates are also pretty high but i had never had a problem with bottle breaks... also slow on emails sometimes... but they do a good job if you aren't in a rush...
4/7/2009 1:00:35 PM |
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#3774 Two Rows Restaurant & Brewery from Houston, TX, United States
Score: 3.1 | Atmosphere 5 | Selection 7 | Value 7 | Service 6 | Overall 6 |
great grub, great quality made beer, the 3yr aged barleywine was fantastic and ian ,the brewmaster, is one hell of a nice guy. a great place to go for any reason.. rerate after afew more visits after the Houston BA tastings and th FA Cup incident awhile back .. service can be hit or miss but usually good ... food is always top notch .. beers are average but fresh and never not tasty .

..Houston's only brewpub by the way..

2/9/2009 1:41:34 PM |
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#3773 Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, The, Houston from Houston, TX, United States
Score: 3.9 | Atmosphere 8 | Selection 8 | Value 8 | Service 7 | Overall 8 |
Went 4 my birthday. Comfortable aura when you walk in. Friendly and fairly knowledgeable (and cute) waitresses. Beer selection is probably the best in Houston. The food can be low end to high grade (the beer cheese soup was ..well, crap). This place seems to know what they are doing, I would give it higher scores if I went during down times and not when gay football is on... Recommended!
12/3/2007 10:01:40 AM |
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