#2 Review by Baptiste from Concord, CA, United States
Score: 3.7 | Selection 9 | Atmosphere 6 | Service 8 | Value 6 | Overall 8 |
The Berkeley Bowl has the best selection of Craft Ciders in the Bay Area. The buyer carefully selects each cider and offers a great representation of the ciders that are available from the local distributors. They have extremely rare ciders that can not be found outside the cidery. The shelves are full of French and West Coast selections.
10/4/2012 7:18:13 PM |
#1 Review by Stoutlover72 from Northern, California, United States
Score: 3 | Selection 7 | Atmosphere 6 | Service 6 | Value 5 | Overall 6 |
If you've been to Whole Foods, then you know what to expect from Berkeley Bowl. They have a good selection of beers and an excellent selection of cheeses, meats, etc. They specialize in organic foods and beers are way down on their priority list. But with that being said, they do stock some nice beers. But they are a little overpriced, buy hey...isn't everything overpriced in the Bay Area?
1/5/2007 10:39:54 PM |