#4 Review by funk from Moorhead, MN, United States
Score: 4.3 | Selection 9 | Atmosphere 8 | Service 9 | Value 9 | Overall 8 |
After a disappointing Sam Adams tour the day before, I almost didn't want to go to Harpoon but am very glad I did. $5 for the tour gets you a tasting glass filled before the tour starts and as many samples as you'd like after the tour (for about 15-20 minutes). Tour was pretty standard--a nice mix of brewing basics and history of the brewery; tour guides kept it light and humorous. There must have been 10 beers available to sample, including many seasonals and limited releases.

Nice gift shop that sells bottles and growlers helped top off a great experience.

10/30/2012 4:50:12 PM |
#3 Review by brian600d from peekskill, NY, United States
Score: 4.3 | Selection 8 | Atmosphere 8 | Service 9 | Value 10 | Overall 8 |
A five dollar "donation" gets you a tasting glass and a tour of the brewery. You start the tour with a taste of beer, they explain the process and walk you through the facility. You get to taste the wert to see how it differs from the final product, Staff was very knowledgeable. the tour ends with about a half hour to taste any of their current products. we walked out of there rocked, well worth the donation.
12/13/2010 5:44:41 PM |
#2 Review by Dansting from Overland Park, KS, United States
Score: 4.3 | Selection 9 | Atmosphere 7 | Service 9 | Value 10 | Overall 8 |
The value is great because the "tour" is free. Not really a tour, as they just have someone sitting behind the bar pouring drinks while explaining the brewing process. They stop during the explanation to give you refills if needed. They also have soda for the kids. They have a nice selection of glassware and clothes for gifts too. Much better than the Sam Adams tour.
10/11/2005 11:52:00 AM |
#1 Review by dippy from cotuit, MA, United States
Score: 4.1 | Selection 8 | Atmosphere 7 | Service 9 | Value 9 | Overall 8 |
You ahev to say the servise is good because they give you free beer. Nice and knowledgable staff serve you and answer questions that you might have about brewing or beer in general. They love beer as much as you do. Fun gifts like shirts and steins are on the walls for you to purchase. I suggest you get a growler, because you should always get a growler every pub you go to. Mmmmm Beer growler.
2/26/2004 5:29:53 PM |