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#3 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 3.5 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 7 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 7 | Overall 7 |
Second Big Drop brew of the day, named "Pale Blanche" here in the Ontario market. Pours a golden colour with heavy carbonation, of different sized bubbles. The head is nice, warm off-white, creamy creating some nice lacing. Definitely a Pale Ale nose with the spicy hops and what seems to be somewhat a sweet malt base. This hops helps the mouthfeel. Not watery, light as their Dark. Feels proper in the mouth and the taste has this good hoppiness over the malts. Gets a little hazy at the end, with an orange hue. A nice fruitiness in the background. Not sure why they used "Blanche" in the name, as "Pale Ale" would of worked fine for us. Good for that style in the low alcohol category.
4/14/2020 8:05:56 PM |
#2 Review by Martin Sanders from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Score: 2.2 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 5 | Flavor 4 | Overall 4 |
Bottle. Colour - straw gold, thin white film for a head. Aroma - stale grains, light grapefruit. Palate - light bodied. Flavour - grains, funk. Overall - a weak effort at a non-alcoholic beer
4/14/2020 8:22:15 AM |
#1 Review by cyrenaica from Milton, Ontario, Canada
Score: 1.9 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 4 | Mouthfeel 4 | Flavor 3 | Overall 4 |
330ml bottle
0.40% ABV
Best Before: May 13, 2020
LCBO Outlet #649 (Milton, Ontario, Canada - Sobey's Plaza)
March 30, 2020
The beer pours a very hazy medium gold colour with a lot of effervescence, but only a few filmy islands for a cap. The aroma is grains, citrus, and yeast. I can't place the grains, but they aren't the wheat or barley listed on the bottle. The mouthfeel is thin to medium bodied with below average carbonation. The flavour is very reminiscent of a weak iced tea. It isn't very beery at all.

3/31/2020 12:28:24 AM |

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