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#3 Review by PaleAleRider from Winchester, Ontario, Canada
Score: 3.1 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 7 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
Picked up a tallboy at LCBO. Pours a huge frothy off-white head, good retention. Has a pale golden appearance. Aromas are grainy, grassy, barley malts. Flavours are mostly malty, wheat, hints of caramel malt. Nice smooth and creamy mouthfeel. Medium carbonation. Not bad.
8/4/2017 7:18:21 PM |
#2 Review by myke from T-dot, Canada
Score: 5 | Aroma 10 | Appearance 10 | Mouthfeel 10 | Flavor 10 | Overall 10 |
Wow. This is from a macro?! This may very well be the best beer ever made by a macro. Then again, Moosehead has had some fine brews over the years. A very nice citrusy aroma gives way to a crisp, sharp, creamy, full body. Has a citrusy/grapefruit taste that's also a little bready. Nice thick 2 finger cap that lasts and has a nice cloudy palegold coplour.
7/13/2017 12:27:22 PM |
#1 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 3 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 6 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 5 | Overall 6 |
Pours a hazy golden-amber colour with a big frothy warm cap, good retention and lots of lacing. Piney aromas from the hops over the caramel malts. The taste shows a little more of the caramel notes with the hops being pretty mild. More of the alcohol showing. Maybe a little too many hops, as the balance seems weird.
5/31/2017 9:59:47 PM |

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