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#1 Review by Chopz from Cantley, Canada
Score: 3.4 | Aroma 8 | Appearance 7 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 7 |
Bottle bought by Lilihel at the brewpub a while back. Triple Chocolate Cherry Imperial Milk Stout version with a 8.7% ABV. Pours a real dark brown colour with no visible highlights. Big creamy beige head with great retention and some light foamy lacing. Aromas of darker malts giving notes of chocolate and coffee. A little fruity, but not really on the cherry side. A blend of cacao and yeast is what results with time. Smooth, slightly oily mouthfeel with well-hidden alcohol. Roasted malt flavours with the coffee, chocolate, yeast and some nice bitterness from the hop in the finish. The cherries are too mild in the mix, almost not present. They slightly come out at last pour, but not enough to boost it in the title. Still, better than expected and hope they retry this one at some point.
5/4/2014 8:50:36 PM |

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