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#3 Review by beerguy101 from Newark, CA, United States
Score: 4.2 | Aroma 8 | Appearance 8 | Mouthfeel 8 | Flavor 9 | Overall 9 |
Sampled on 3/23/2012. This gueuze pours a light orange gold color from a 750ml bottle. Small to no head. The aroma is fruity, funky, tart, must and leather. A medium bodied gueuze. The malts are fruity, tart and funky. Little to no carbonation. Tart and musty with a touch of leather. Nice gueuze. Going to bottle age this one a bit and see what happens. Mouthfeel is full and round. Finish is clean and smooth. Aftertaste is tart and fruity.
7/22/2012 11:57:08 PM |
#2 Review by slowrunner77 from Reno, NV, United States
Score: 4.3 | Aroma 8 | Appearance 9 | Mouthfeel 9 | Flavor 9 | Overall 8 |
It's starting to blow mind that the Bruery can make such a large amount of sour ales and have them all be so drastically different. This is yet another winner, and so far my favorite beer in a style I've had limited exposure to. I'm usually not a big fan of the green olive funk in geueze beers, but it was lighter in this one-though there was no shortage of funk. Lots of complexity...bright and vibrant, funky lemon, (slight) olive, hay. Very nice and very drinkable. @nd time, just as deep and just as good.
5/21/2012 3:32:01 PM |
#1 Review by Suds McDuff from Suds City, AleTown, TX, United States
Score: 4.1 | Aroma 7 | Appearance 9 | Mouthfeel 9 | Flavor 8 | Overall 8 |
Pours a deep yellow gold .. medium foam .. . nice funk level, low acidity, and medium barnyard .. pretty balanced and quite accessible . .. pretty good for an american gueze .. . . and you have a pig face.
4/29/2012 2:47:46 PM |

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