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#6 Review by PaulCardom from Stittsville, Ontario, Canada
Score: 1.5 | Aroma 3 | Appearance 3 | Mouthfeel 3 | Flavor 3 | Overall 3 |
Back in the mid-90s, everybody and their cousin was making ice and dry beers. Some breweries had elaborate commercials to explain how they were made (lying through their teeth while doing it) and telling us how they were crisper and more refreshing. Thankfully, not once, did they claim to be more flavourful. The ‘ice’ treatment of Moosehead was simply a way to serve a higher alcohol version of Moosehead for a slightly higher price, and make more money.
4/17/2018 2:21:07 AM |
#5 Review by lenusik from Montreal (Verdun), Canada
Score: 1 | Aroma 2 | Appearance 2 | Mouthfeel 2 | Flavor 2 | Overall 2 |
This is one of the worst brewed creations wroght of the hands of man. The beer poured a very very pale yellow, with a thin white head that never actually covered the entire surface of the beer. The aroma was non-existant, not a malt or hop to be sniffed. The flavour was slightly grassy...............but tatsted like last centuries grass. Not a great experience.
5/16/2008 9:41:20 AM |
#4 Review by canandaigua75 from Newfield, NY, United States
Score: 2.5 | Aroma 6 | Appearance 4 | Mouthfeel 5 | Flavor 5 | Overall 5 |
Pale and watered down tasting, although not unpleasant. There was a faint golden coloring to the brew with lots of bubbles and some thin lacing. The aroma was skunky and the thing I liked least. This could be a fairly good summer, hot day beer around the BBQ.
4/30/2006 9:48:18 PM |
#3 Review by Beerhawk from Toronto, Canada
Score: 2.8 | Aroma 5 | Appearance 5 | Mouthfeel 6 | Flavor 6 | Overall 6 |
Not a terrible bear is served fresh and ice cold. Had one at the bar the other night, did not go to well with food but was cold and refreshing. Not alot of body but a very fizzy malty taste with no aftertaste. Not as bad as all that but ive havent had alot of experience with Iced beers
3/24/2006 8:36:41 AM |
#2 Review by JaIce from Marietta, Ohio, United States
Score: 1 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 2 | Mouthfeel 2 | Flavor 1 | Overall 1 |
This was very very bad. Maybe the fact that there was a lot of dust on the bottles should have tipped me off, but no. Anyway me and a friend had two of these and then made funk drink the other four. The boy was not pleased.
1/8/2005 1:17:55 AM |
#1 Review by G8810 from United States
Score: 1.6 | Aroma 4 | Appearance 3 | Mouthfeel 3 | Flavor 3 | Overall 3 |
Thin, watery, bland best describe this beer from Moosedrool. I had this beer in Canada while visiting friends last summer. I wouldn't normally turn down a free beer, but that's exactly what I should have done. It was another skunked moose beer as far as I'm concerned. Poured out a whiteish yellow color, with not much head at all. Smelled of cheap 6-row grain, and corn adjuncts. Something akin to Karo syrup poured on buckwheat pancakes is what it smelled like to me. The aroma was much better than the taste of this bilge water. It didn't have much in the way of body, being thin and weak. Hoppiness was more bitter and unbalanced than anything. I'm sure glas I didn't have to buy this stuff, because I would have demanded my money back, and it would have made me the ugly American.
4/3/2003 12:10:14 AM |

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